Qasim ibn Hasan

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Qasim ibn Hasan was the son of Imām Hasan ibn Ali; the second Holy Imam; and his mother was Umme Farwah.

Qasim, aged only 14, was the representative of his father at the Battle of Karbala, supporting his uncle Imām Hussain ibn Ali .

A notable quotation is when Qasim asked his Uncle Hussain, if his name would be amongst the names of those who would be blessed with martyrdom in the battle for Islam at Karbala. His Uncle replied asking, "How do you find death Qasim?" Qasim replied, "Oh my Uncle; I do not fear death. Death for Islam will be sweeter for me than honey". -The Journey of Tears, by Mullah Bashir Hassanali Rahim p.39

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