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Radio Free Roscoe was a Canadian television series filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a teen comedy-drama series that was broadcast from 2003 until 2005, on The-N and Family Channel in Canada.


  • Ray: "Do you know anything that rhymes with Grace?"
  • Lily: "Uh, a bass, debase, disgrace, replace"
  • Ray: "I said a word."

  • Robbie: Where would Ray and Lily look for duct tape?
Travis: Ray would probably look for a place called 'The Duct Tape Store'
    • Robbie and Travis
"Buddha once said, 'To be idle is a short road to death.' "-Travis
"Isn't that a little extreme?"-Robbie
"It just means 'if you snooze, you lose.' So if you have something you believe in, you'd better stand up for it."-Travis

-Radio Free Roscoe episode You Choose You Lose, part 1

  • Lily Randall: This is Radio Free Roscoe... your one watt flamethrower of TRUTH!
  • Robert Robbie McGrath: Its all you ever hear. Look like this, think like this, be like this. How do you fight it? We started our own radio station. We keep our identities secret. It gives us the power to say what we want as loud as we want.
  • Principal Waller: I would, but frankly the girl scares people.
  • Robbie and Kim
Robert Robbie McGrath: Yo and hello? Who's the winner that came up with that one?
Kim Carlisle: That would be me.
  • About the drummer dude
Robert Robbie McGrath: You like the drummer dude?
Lily Randall: Yah, whats not to like?
Robert Robbie McGrath: Well for starters his name is The Drummer Dude
  • About the Drawing of the lunch lady
Audrey: [Drawing a picture of the lunch lady] Do you like it?
Raymond Ray Brennan: Yeah, its so real I could smell the tuna surprise.
  • About The Walkie talkies
[Ray and Travis are caught by Principal Waller for using walkie talkies... Robbie uses his to talk to them]
Robert Robbie McGrath: Fireant in da house! Wombat, Cobra?
Principal Waller: Better yet, scorpian.
Raymond Ray Brennan: [to Principal Waller] Can you tell him I dont wanna be wombat anymore?
Robert Robbie McGrath: Scorpian? Whats with the name change? And your Waller impression still is [walks over and sees them] Waller.
  • Travis Strong: [Talking to Robbie] Blame me? Blame your irrational fear of fake hair.
Robert Robbie McGrath: Dirty fake hair!
  • Lily Randall: Audrey as if, Rays one of my best friends; so of course I think hes funny, sweet and the way his hair curls over his ear... grrr... your right I do like him.
Audrey: dont tell me, tell Ray
  • [Rays trying to copy Lilys test]
Lily Randall: Ray their not grading us on this
Raymond Ray Brennan: Sorry reflex
  • Travis Strong: What? Do you own Lily? Is she your personal property or something? Look I know your mad but its not my fault that you never acted on your feelings!
  • Robert Robbie McGrath: I cant believe he called me a model student.
Raymond Ray Brennan: If you had higher cheekbones, youd be a supermodel student.
  • Lily Randall: If you call me one more time... I will tell everyone that you played with a doll until we were six
Robert Robbie McGrath: It was a female action figure
Lily Randall: With a Dream Home! Please!
  • Lily Randall: How come everytime she says Rocks, I end up wanting to throw one at her?
  • Raymond Ray Brennan: just think when Lily becomes president ill be her first lady
  • Lily Randall:[singing] Its hard to pick just one guy, when any one can make my day... but this girl's gotta make a decision... so the guy I pick is...
Lily Randall: This isnt working
Lily Randall: [singing] Its hard to pick just one guy... When all that I have is... only one heart to give... So Im giving it all to Tra... UHHh I dont know
  • Travis Strong: [as Ms. Communication] Well once again Pronto's lips are moving but his brain is taking a day off
  • Lily Randall: [looking at her Cd Cover] Finally a good picture of me.
Travis Strong: Are you kidding? Ive never seen a bad picture of you.
Lily Randall: Thats cause youre not looking at me flaws. My arms are to skinny, my nose looks weird...
Travis Strong: Lily you're gorgeous.
  • Travis Strong: [on his kiss with Lily] Ray It Didnt mean anything.
Raymond Ray Brennan: Oh, Dont say that. Dont say that it didnt mean anything. Listen to me. If you thought about her everyday or :if you memorized her laugh or if you once calculated how many seconds she's been alive! Maybe I could get how you could do this to me. But can you do it and say it meant nothing?
  • Raymond Ray Brennan: Yeah Travis just dont get in trouble like last time
Travis Strong: All I'm saying is Columbus didn't find America if people we're already there
  • Kim Carlisle: I think we have real chemistry
Robert Robbie McGrath: Professional or personal?
Kim Carlisle: Is there a diffrence?
  • Travis Strong: Yeah, but sometimes theres such a thing as too much freedom.
Lily Randall: What? Thats like saying theres too much AIR
Travis Strong: There is too much air... If youre a fish.
  • Robert Robbie McGrath: I like your mustard shirt Ray... It matches your gravy pants
  • Lily Randall: What's a two-point conversion?
Travis Strong: I don't know, my family's not that religious...
  • Robert Robbie McGrath: A nickname is like a present a friend gives another friend.
Lily Randall: Yeah, like mono.
  • Travis Strong: Maybe you should stop using Spiderman as an analogy for your life.
  • Paige: sometimes my dad's so embarassing he calls me pumpkin
Raymond Ray Brennan: is that because you have a big head