Rocky V

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Rocky V is the fifth film in the Rocky series.


  • I gotta problem I gotta fight!
  • You knocked him down, why dont you try knocking me down now.
  • He dont care 'bout you Tommy; he dont care 'bout me neither!
  • You thought I was in this for the money Tommy?
  • You and me was supposed to be like dis Tommy! You blew it! You...ugh!!
  • Sue me for what?

George Washington Duke[edit]

  • As long as they got Balboa on the brain he'll always be champ. The man fought WARS in the ring.
  • God Damn! Only in America!
  • Time to put some hustle behind this muscle.
  • [to Rocky] C'mon, punk. Touch me, I'll sue.
  • Hey Rock, outclassed the bum, huh?


Barfly: Hey Rock, need some help?
Rocky: Come on guys. This ain't no pie-eatin' contest.

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