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Samantha Who? (2007-) is an American sitcom created by Cecilia Ahern and Donald Todd, about a woman who suffers from amnesia after a car accident. After that she is forced to find out who she really is.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Todd: Okay love Elvis Costello, you hate opera, you uh take gummie bear vitamins because you can't swallow pills, and you always sneeze three times in a row, and you never leave any blankets because you you know, ball them up in your hands when you sleep like a little girl.

Samantha: You made me who I am
Regina: That´s a terrible thing to say

The Job [1.2][edit]

Samantha: So I said 'For Heaven's sake, girlie, have a piece of cake! Have two! What, is it going to kill you? It's only cake!'
Andrea: [as secretary nervously puts a fork full of cake into her mouth in the background] She's diabetic you know.
Samantha: Oh, for Heaven's sake! Honey, no, no. Spit! SPIT!

The Virgin [1.4][edit]

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