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Sebastiane is a historical drama about the martyrdom of Sebastian who is a Christian saint. This movie was produced by Derek Jarman.

Sebastiane is entirely in Latin with English subtitles.


Maximus: Roll up, roll up! The Vestal Virgins versus the Sabine women. A glorious rape in colour.
Maximus: Here comes Messalina. Girls, tend your fires. Or she'll be in by the back door.
Maximus: I don't know why you fancy boys so much, Anthony. You're worse than a Greek. They're okay for a quick one. But I can't wait for Rome and a real woman.


A vestal
Roman soldier: This is Boadicea.
Another Roman soldier: She is on top of Messalina.

Roman soldier: And now, Citizens of Rome. The terror of civilization, Maria Domus Alba. As heavy as Hannibal and leader of the Vestal Virgins. Oh, by Jove, she's in the arms of Sappho.
Another Roman soldier: Sappho's got her by the tits. Roll her over, Sappho!

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