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The Secret Saturdays, new to Cartoon Network airs as part of Friday night's action block; "You Are Here" at 8:30pm.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1 - The Kur Stone (Part 1)[edit]

Zak: Everybody has secrets. My family just has bigger ones. They're called "cryptids" - all the strange, exotic creatures that regular science doesn't believe in... at least, not yet.

Doc: What's going on here?
Zak: Umm... science?

Zak: Anywhere there's a secret left to uncover, the Secret Scientists have someone working on it. And the cryptids... that's what we do. Any size, any kind, anywhere in the world - the Saturday family is gonna get the call. So, yeah. Two scientists, their kid, a komodo dragon, and a seven foot gorilla-cat called the Fiskerton Phantom... we're the only ones standing between you and all the things that go bump in the night. That's gotta make you feel safe, huh?

[Drew rips the TV off the wall and throws it at Van Rook]
Doc: Why would you throw our TV?!
Drew: I... I just... [Shrugs] I get in the zone...

Episode 2 - The Kur Stone (Part 2)[edit]

Drew: No! This is impossible!
Argost: Impossible? Only someone with a tragic lack of imagination would use such a vulgar word. We deal with cryptids, my dear. We live in the world of "impossible".

Episode 4 - The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes[edit]

Doc: Where are they?!
Doyle: What, your manhood and self-respect? I think you lost them the last time we fought.

Episode 5 - Guess Who's Going to be Dinner?[edit]

Dr. Beeman: You lack discipline... I can smell it on your spikey haircut.

Zak: Did we miss something?
Dr. Beeman: Uhh, yeah. You missed your last "don't ask stupid questions" lesson.

Doc:"Next anniversary, back to the squid intestines

Episode 7 - Van Rook's Apprentice[edit]

Drew: When have I done anything rash or irresponsible?
Doc: I keep a list. It's alphabetized.

Argost: Oh my, conspiring with the enemy. Betrayal! Chicanery! Heavens the drama!

Episode 8 - Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit[edit]

[Doc pushes Doyle out of the airship]
Doc: What? He has a jetpack.

Doc: So, you caught up with the crate after you reached terminal velocity? Was this before or after the laws of physics stopped working?
Doyle: Hey, any time you wanna see my terminal velocity, just ask.
Doc: What? That doesn't make any-- even your threats have bad science!
Drew: Okay guys, it was just a story. Let's not turn this into some pointless macho contest.
Doyle: Your mom has bad science.

Zak: Every spider I know of shoots webs out of its butt. What does that say about your face?

Episode 10 - The Swarm at the Edge of Space[edit]

Francis: Good guys, bad guys, you always know their next move. Victory goes to the grey men in the middle, because you never know how we'll surprise you.

Episode 12 - Black Monday[edit]

Drew Monday: You couldn't have shown up before she started hitting me?
Zak Monday: Could've. But I like watching things get hurt.

Episode 18 - Once More the Nightmare Factory[edit]

Zak: Why does everything cool always try to kill me?!

Doc: It's over. We won.
[Drew, Doyle and Zak motion to warn Doc of the giant cryptid behind him]
Doc: No. We won. I'm not turning around and looking at it. We won.

Episode 19 - Curse of the Stolen Tiger[edit]

Wadi: [Sarcastically] Yes, I stole the Blue Tiger and I am keeping it inside my pants pocket right now. Say hello to everyone, tiger!

Zak: "I am not in love with Wadi!"

Episode 21 - Food of the Giants[edit]

[Telephone rings]
Zak: ...What's that?
[Telephone continues ringing]
Zak: Seriously, what is that?
Doc: ...It's our land-line.
Zak: We have a non-video phone? Why?

Zak: We could've been something, Abbey...
Abbey: No, we couldn't.
Zak: But.. yeah, I know. I mean... I'm just saying... maybe.
Abbey: You're eleven!
Zak: No, but-- but, like, in an alternate universe where I'm ten years older.
Abbey: Okay, maybe.

Doyle:"Zak, you're eleven, to tell you the truth Fisk was a bigger competition."

Season 2[edit]

Episode 1 - Kur (Part 1)[edit]

  • Doc Saturday: Kur!!

Episode 2 - Kur (Part 2)[edit]

  • V.V. Argost: You wound me, dear boy. Of course I'll be plotting behind your back. I'm going to deceive you, manipulate you and when I've gotten what I want...well....I'll let your imagination conjure up the gruesome finale. Your only hope of survival is that somehow, the things I teach you will be enough for a 12 year-old boy to outwit the world's most dangerous mind, before I render you to pieces like a wolverine with a squeak toy!

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