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This is not a promise, this is a duty which I have to carry out.

Serzh Sargsyan (born June 30, 1954) is the current President of Armenia. He won the February 2008 presidential election with the backing of the conservative Republican Party of Armenia - a party of which he serves as chairman. Conferred Order of first Degree "Martakan Khach" (Fighting Cross), Hero of Artsakh, knight of "Voske Artsiv" (Golden Eagle) order, and order of "Tigran Mets" (Tigranes the Great). Since 2006, he has been a member of the Republican Party of Armenia. Serzh Sargsyan was the organizer of many battles in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. He is considered to be one of the founders of Nagorno-Karabakh's and Armenian Military Forces. Sargsyan, with Kocharyan's backing, was viewed as the strongest contender for the post of the President of Armenia in the 2008 presidential election. Full provisional results showed him winning about 53% of the vote.


  • Hostile propaganda against Armenia and the Armenians and state-supported apparent falsifications of history, which have overwhelmed Azerbaijan, coupled with the arms race and military build-up, prove that Baku is not ready for peace... The Armenophobic and aggressive stance of Azerbaijan reinforces our conviction that Nagorno-Karabakh has no future within Azerbaijan. Moreover, Azerbaijan has no legal, political, or moral grounds for aspirations regarding Nagorno-Karabakh. While we are determined to resolve the issue in an exclusively peaceful and negotiated way, should Azerbaijan opt for a military adventure our response will be resolute.


  • Azerbaijan unleashed the war, and was defeated in that war; Azerbaijan asked for truce (including from the Commander of Karabakh’s forces) and later started to sob about the dire repercussions of that war. As if wars ever bring pleasant repercussions. And on top of that, Azerbaijan adopted conceited stance and started to make demands as if anywhere in the world defeated aggressors are ever allowed to make demands.
  • It was measured that the splinters of the Armenian nation that had managed to miraculously escape the Genocide would not be able to recover from the blow, would disappear in the whirlpools on five continents, lose their national identity, and aptitude to be a political factor. But we, as a nation and as a state, were able to reappear at the international arena to affirm that we continue our eternal journey and that we are determined not to allow for such a crime to ever happen again.
  • We are confident that the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations can become the greatest input of the recent decades in achieving peace and stability in the South Caucasus. With this vision, we have agreed to move forward without any preconditions, not making our relations contingent upon Turkey’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide. However, if, as many suspect, it is proven that Turkey’s goal is to protract, rather than to normalize relations, we will have to discontinue the process.


  • The world saw and understood that, when it comes to the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations, they have to deal not just with Armenia with its three million population, but with the ten million Armenians. And let no one ignore the fact that, contrary to any slogans, the Armenian nation is united in its goals and is strong with its sons and daughters.


  • I deem we have still much to do and will of course strive for stabilizing the situation in the country and continuing reforms. I am confident in success. All we need at this point is public order.


  • Today, our country has ushered into an era of technological advancements, when current achievements oblige us to mobilize all our forces and work with a maximum effectiveness and goal-orientation. Therefore, our goal is a single one, namely: to rally around our values, to be proud of our achievements and to be confident with the future. This is the way in which Armenia can move ahead. Armenia should improve more than the previous day. All of us should constantly remember this. All of us should remember the logic of a better Armenia, a safer Armenia, a prosperous Armenia, and a powerful Armenia... Let there be an atmosphere of kindness and tolerance throughout all our undertakings. I am thankful...and onward to a new Armenia, onward to a prosperous Armenia.

About Sargsyan[edit]

  • On the occasion of your election as President of Armenia, I write to extend to you my sincere congratulations and best wishes for success in discharge of your responsible duties. I am certain that the years ahead will be characterized by the continuing deepening of our bilateral ties, established on a firm foundation of mutual understanding and friendship.
    • [letter sent by Serbian president Boris Tadic]
  • From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on your election to the highly responsible post of President of Republic Armenia. The people of Armenia trusted in you because having gone through many ordeals in the past they now cherish sincere hopes for a better life under leadership. You are taking up the whole charge of highest public authority, therefore you must keep in mind the great responsibility of a governor before the people, history and Supreme God who disposes human destinies. Your election instills the hope that through joint efforts, we can overcome all transient hardships and privations, and the fruitful interaction between our two countries’ spiritual and secular leaderships will promote the strengthening of stability and prosperity not only in Armenia and Russia, but also throughout the Southern Caucasus. Considering your wide experience and professionalism which were convincingly shown during the past years of your State service, I hope for the development of fruitful cooperation which will aim the creation of a spiritually strong and morally sound society, the strengthening of peace and harmony between countries and peoples. I wish you, dear Serzh Azati, moral fortitude and physical strength, may God bless you in your future activities in the high office of President of the Republic Armenia for the good of the Armenian people.
    • [letter sent by Patriarch of Moscow and Russia, Alexy II]
  • Please accept my congratulations and best wishes in connection with your election as President of the Republic Armenia. Your activity on this high post shall serve the further strengthening of allied relationship between our countries. I wish you, Mr. President, robust health and success in your activity, as well as...well-being, peace and the people of Armenia.
    • [letter sent by Chairman of the State Duma of RF Federal Assembly Boris Gryzlov]
  • Dear President-Elect Serzh Sargsyan, please accept my warm congratulations on your election as Armenia's 3rd President. My hope is that, by encouraging investments and creating new jobs, you will succeed in improving the economy of Armenia. May God give you strength and determination to carry out all of your plans for the good of the Armenian nation.
    • [letter sent by Kirk Kerkorian]
  • I hope your new position...will permit the creation of the necessary environment for normalizing relations between the Turkish and Armenian peoples, who have proven over centuries they can live together in peace and concord. I sincerely wish that... an atmosphere based on reciprocal trust and cooperation can be established that will contribute to regional peace and prosperity.
    • [letter sent by president Abdullah Gul]
  • You are a special leader. We support you in principle. The U.S. Charge d’Affaires in Armenia and I...believe that you have the kind of vision and approaches that we want to see in the implementation of joint programs. We want you to succeed and we want Armenia to succeed.
    • [Matthew Bryza, March 7, 2008]
  • We look forward to the parliamentary elections on May 12 and hope that you will help ensure that these elections are free and fair, meet international standards, and bolster the relations between our two countries.
    • [George W. Bush, April 17, 2007]

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