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Shaun Ryder

Shaun Ryder (born Shaun William Ryder on 23 August 1962 in Little Hulton, near Salford, Lancashire), aka X, is an English singer and songwriter and an ex-postman who became famous in the "Madchester" era band Happy Mondays. His lyrics, dismissed by some as drug induced gibberish, also received critical praise for their wit and musical fusion with the sound of the band. Ryder's struggle with drugs eventually led to the break up of the Mondays in 1992.


  • The chicks are always attracted to me enormous charisma.
    • Interview, 1990
  • Shit, is this mine? Did I puke on myself?
    • 1991
  • Look, pal, if you are gonna start using big words like "perceive" you'd better start explaining what they mean.
    • Interview, 1992
  • Drugs are what makes me the lyrical genius you see before you. Drugs did that. Any and all.
    • 1994
  • There's a fucking price to be paid for everything.
    • Interview, ca. 2000
  • For years the audience were there purely for our own entertainment… They used to crack us up man.
    • N.M.E. interview, 1998
  • I'm not too sure where I've been, I've just got off a plane, mate. I think it was Spain or Norway or some mad place like that… in fact ask Bez.
    • Shaun Ryder at Manchester Airport 1992, after returning from Holland
  • I'm a big Karen Carpenter fan, but I didn't die of anorexia, did I?
    • Interview on The Word, ca. 1992, After being asked if he was concerned fans might imitate him
  • I'm not your role model, be your own Kids fucking role model
    • Grape Tapes, 1998
  • Do I think the Mondays will go down in musical history? I couldn't give a fuck!
    • 1994
    • Dare

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