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Shaheila binti Abdul Majid (born 3 January 1965), commonly known as Sheila Majid, is a popular singer from Malaysia.


  • Besides music, my other passion in life is my children - daughter Khaleda and my son, Megat. Between my family and music, I don't have much time for other things. The only free time I have is spent on squash games and exercise.
    • On her children, (circa 1996)
  • I cannot be 'iri hati' (jealous). This is her time. I've had my time. Her success is God's will; I cannot disagree.
    • On fellow compatriot Siti Nurhaliza|Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin.
  • I was an old divorcee who was thin, sloppy and wore braces and, still, he was there for me. He really loved me and that made me love him.
    • On her second husband Hasridz Murshim Hashim Abdullah or better known as Acis who, at 36 is 5 years her junior.
  • His blood is flowing through my children's veins. If I make a big deal about all he's done to me, my children would be so ashamed. I will not let happen.
    • On her first husband, Roslan Aziz, 45, to whom she no longer speaks and who no longer visit their two children.
  • My dad passed away last May. I really missed him. He is one of the first Malay students to enter Oxford University. He was not keen that I joined the music industry just after my SPM (equivalent to that of British O Levels) exams. But I was stubborn. Finally, he relented. I must say he had always been there for me in all the major events in my life. He saw me getting recognition in the music industry, getting married and became mother to two children.
    • On her late father, Abdul Majid who succumbed to stroke in May 1996 at the age of 71 years old.
  • In the local scene, among the singers I admire are Liza Aziz, Azlina Aziz and Fairuz Hussein. I believe both sisters have tremendous potential and talent. It is sad that Liza has not got the right break and exposure. She deserves much more recognition. Azlina has been quiet ever since she got married. The same goes for Fairuz. I hope they will come back and sing again.
    • On her favourite local songstresses.
  • I did one movie, 'Ali Setan' (Ali The Satan) in 1985. I was curious about acting then. That was my first and last movie. Frankly, I didn't enjoy acting as much as I do singing. There is no point getting paid handsomely for things you don't enjoy.
    • On expressing no desire switching into acting.
  • Assumption, speculation and gossip. The entertainment industry is full of them. I have been in the industry for 11 years, but these activities have not changed. What is worst is that people don't clarify things first before jumping to conclusions. They rather live with the misunderstandings.
    • On what she loathes about the entertainment industry, circa 1996ad.
  • In the West, such comparison doesn't happen so openly. For example, they do not compare Michael Jackson with Tina Turner or Barbra Streisand. Each entertainer has his or her individual identity. But in the local scene, what is strange is that people will even compare a newcomer with a veteran. That's not fair. The newcomer is just starting her career while the veteran has been in the industry for years. It can be damaging for the newcomer to live up to the expectations. It will also affect the newcomer's self-esteem and confidence. I thank my lucky star that when I started out, no one made such a comparison.
    • On comparing one singer with another.
  • I believe my strength lies in my music. It draws the crowd. My weakness is I still have stage fright even after 11 years in the industry I still have butterflies in my stomach each time I go on stage.

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