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  • In an interview with The Times of India, Shomprakash said (upon being questioned about his role in the band) "Oh yes- there's me. I've been more of an odd-man in the picture. I'm the vocalist for the group, and I sometimes participate in the lyrical process."[1]
  • In an interview with Bangalore Mirror Shom said "My father once remarked that the only way to write was the 'Franz Kafka' way where thoughts turn into pus-wielding wounds and when you let that wound out, it twists and turns into a story which people consume." [2]
  • His official insignia contains his own quotation "Reality is nothing but the relic of an unknown adversary"[3]
  • In an interview with The Hindu in October 2013, Shomprakash remarked that "Reality is more bizarre than fiction sometimes".[4]


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