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Sleepy Hollow (2013–) is an American fantasy mystery drama television series that premiered on Fox on September 16, 2013, airing on Mondays at 9:00 P.M. ET. The series is considered a "modern-day retelling" of the 1820 short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Frank Irving: You said you cut off his head.
Ichabod Crane: First I shot him. He got back up. Cutting off his head seemed to be the next logical step.

Lt. Abbie Mills: Mr. Crane, I'm Lieutenant Abbie Mills.
Ichabod Crane: A female lieutenant. In whose army?
Lt. Abbie Mills: You're not gonna break character, huh?
Ichabod Crane: You've been emancipated, I take it?
Lt. Abbie Mills: Excuse me?
Ichabod Crane: From enslavement.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Okay. I'll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I'm authorized to use it. On you.
Ichabod Crane: If you're insinuating I endorse slavery, I'm offended.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Wait, back up. You're offended?
Ichabod Crane: I'll have you know I was a proponent of the Abolitionist Act before the New York Assembly.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Congratulations. Slavery has been abolished 150 years. It's a whole new day in America.

Lt. Abbie Mills: Two hundred and fifty years, huh? Civil War didn't wake you? Noisy neighbors to the south. Did you get up to pee? Don't know about you, but I'm getting up to pee every 75, 80 years.
Ichabod Crane: Are you quite finished? Because most of what you say is unintelligible gibberish to me. It's like watching a chicken cluck. And when did it become acceptable for ladies to wear trousers?

Ichabod Crane: That building used to be a livery stables.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Yeah? Well, now it's a Starbucks. Where they make coffee.
Ichabod Crane: And that building is also a Starbucks?
Lt. Abbie Mills: Yep.
Ichabod Crane: Well, how many are there?
Lt. Abbie Mills: Per block?
Ichabod Crane: Is there a law?

Blood Moon [1.02][edit]

Ichabod Crane: What's insane is a ten-percent levy on baked goods. You do realise the Revolutionary War began on less than two percent—how is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage!?  We must do something.

Lt. Abbie Mills: You dropped your gun.
Ichabod Crane: It was empty.
Lt. Abbie Mills: You only fired one shot.
Ichabod Crane: There are more?

For the Triumph of Evil [1.03][edit]

Jenny Mills: Are you Abbie's new boyfriend?
Ichabod Crane: We are amicable, and yes, I am male, but I suspect you're implying something else.
Jenny Mills: What's your name, tall, dark, and British?
Ichabod Crane: My name is Ichabod Crane.

The Lesser Key of Solomon [1.04][edit]

Ichabod Crane: [very calm] Surviving death separated by time tests the bonds of love. The moment I saw her, I knew. The bravest love is born again with each new day. The kind of love that makes the mundane a marvel, that... bewilders with its magnificence. Until Fate's cruel hand intervened, and in a blink of an eye, Katrina was lost to me.
Yolanda, NorthStar Assistance: [over the car speaker, near tears] I am so, so sorry.
Ichabod Crane: I offer this tale, no matter how cruelly he may have treated you, to suggest that you do not give up. Nor give in to anything less than certainty in matters of the heart.
Yolanda, NorthStar Assistance: No one's ever said—said it like that. Thank you.
Ichabod Crane: It is I who should thank you, kind woman, for unlocking this vehicle from afar. And showing me how the entertainment system operates. Farewell, Yolanda.
Yolanda, NorthStar Assistance: [in tears now] Thank you for calling NorthStar Assistance.

John Doe [1.05][edit]

The Sin Eater [1.06][edit]

Ichabod Crane: [to Abbie] I've lived on borrowed time; more than any man deserves. I've seen wonders beyond my wildest imaginings. And through these centuries, against the impossibility that we would find each other, we did. And I am most grateful for it.

The Midnight Ride [1.07][edit]

Necromancer [1.08][edit]

Santuary [1.09][edit]

The Golem [1.10][edit]

Ichabod Crane: [looks at a warped image of himself in a mirror at a fair] What kind of torture is this? Since when did irony become the nation's pastime?

The Vessel [1.11][edit]

The Indispensable Man [1.12][edit]

Bad Blood [1.13][edit]

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