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Sleepy Hollow is a 1999 film based upon the legend of The Headless Horseman and based loosely upon the Washington Irving story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." It was directed by Tim Burton and received the 1999 Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

Heads will roll…

Ichabod Crane[edit]

  • Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.
  • No. You must believe me. it was a horseman, a dead one. Head less.

Katrina Anne Van Tassel[edit]

  • I think you have no heart. And I had a mind once to give you mine.
  • Good-bye, Ichabod Crane. I curse the day you came to Sleepy Hollow

Lady Van Tassel[edit]

  • Watch your heads.
  • (An Irish take on the expression "Mind your heads")


Katrina: I have shed my tears for Brom, and yet my heart is not broken. Do you think me wicked?
Crane: No... but perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina.
Katrina: Why do you say that?
Crane: Because you have bewitched me.

Crane: So... three persons murdered. First, Peter Van Garrett and his son, Dirk Van Garrett. Both of them strong, capable men, found together... decapitated. One week later, the widow Winship. Also decapitated. Now, I will need to ask you many questions. But first, let me ask: Is anyone suspected?
Van Tassell: How much have your superiors explained to you, constable?
Crane: Only that the three were slain in open ground. Their heads found severed from their bodies.
Reverend Steenwyck: Their heads were not found severed. Their heads were not found at all.
Crane: The heads are... Gone?
Notary Hardenbrook: Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to hell.

Crane: Gentlemen: murder needs no ghosts come from the grave. We have murders in New York without benefit of ghouls and goblins.
Van Tassel: You are a long way from New York, constable.

Crane: We take the Indian Trail to the Tree of the Dead.
Young Masbath: How will we recognize it?
Crane: Without difficulty, I rather fear.

[after escaping the Horseman]
Young Masbath: Is he... dead?
Crane: That's the problem; He was dead to begin with.



  • Watch your head!
  • Who will it come for next?
  • Heads Will Roll.
  • Close Your Eyes. Say Your Prayers. Sleep If You Can.
  • You can lock the doors. You can bolt the windows. But can you survive the night?
  • Don't lose your head
  • Your heads are history!

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