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Soapdish is a 1991 comedy film which tells a backstage story of the cast and crew of a popular fictional television soap opera.


Sally Field Kevin Kline Robert Downey Jr. Cathy Moriarty and Whoopi Goldberg


Jeffrey: I don't think you realize how serious this operation is! You will not have a brain when it is complete! Celeste: I don't want my brain! I don't need it! Take the god damn thing! Jeffrey: It's gone!

Mr. Edwards: There's a nurse in the restuarant...did I miss a meeting?

David: I was under orders. Celeste: So - was - Hitler! Oh, no. I don't mean Hitler, I mean the other guy. The other one. David: Himmler. Celeste: No, no, no. David: Hess. Rose: Eichmann. David: Eichmann.