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Space Jam is a 1996 American family live-action/animated featuring Looney Tunes characters. The film was produced by Ivan Reitman, and directed by Joe Pytka, with Tony Cervone and Bruce W. Smith directing the animation.

A fictional account of Michael Jordan's first retirement from the NBA, the film was released theatrically by Warner Bros. under the Family Entertainment brand label on November 15, 1996. It plays out as an alternate story of Jordan's initial return to basketball, this time with him being inspired by Bugs Bunny and friends. Despite mixed reviews from critics, Space Jam was a box office success, opening at #1 in the US, and grossing over $230 million worldwide.


Charles Barkley: It was this girl, five-feet-nuthin'. Blocked my shot!
Psychiatrist: When did you first start having this dream?
Charles Barkley: It wasn't a dream, it really happened!

Shawn Bradley: I've got other skills. I could go back and work on the farm.
Psychiatrist: Really?
Shawn Bradley: Or maybe... I could go back to the jungle and be a missionary again.

Tweety Bird: I thought I taw - I did! I did! I did tee Michael Jordan!

Daffy Duck: We've got to get a new agent. We're getting thcrewed!

Daffy Duck: Too bad you can't practithe getting taller, boyth.

Daffy Duck: Oh, fear clutcheth my breatht!

Daffy Duck: How'th thith for a new team name: The Duckth!
Bugs Bunny: Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks?

[Stan is digging up the golf hole that Michael got sucked down]

Golfer: What are you doing?
Stan Podalak: I'm uh, fixing a divot.
Golfer: Oh. [shouting back to someone off camera] He's fixing a divot!

Daffy Duck: Mother!

Muggsy Bogues: What are you saying? That I'm trying to disobey my mama?
Psychiatrist: I didn't say that. You did, Muggsy.
Muggsy Bogues: But I love my mama.

Bill Murray: It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it?
Michael Jordan: No. Larry's white, so what?
Bill Murray: Larry's not white. Larry's clear.

Bill Murray: It is alive!

[Michael tries to walk on the Tunes gym floor, but his cleats get stuck, and he falls down]

Michael Jordan: Can anyone lend me a pair of sneakers?
Bugs Bunny: Er, sneakers?

[He and the others Tunes look down at their feet, no one's wearing sneakers]

Foghorn Leghorn: Uh...
Tweety Bird: Sowwy.
Michael Jordan: Someone's gonna have to go to my house and pick up my basketball gear.
Daffy Duck: To your houthe? In 3D Land?
Michael Jordan: Yeah, but whatever you do, don't forget my North Carolina shorts.
Daffy Duck: Your shortth? From college?
Michael Jordan: I wore them under my Chicago Bulls uniform every game.
Looney Tunes: Eeewwww!
Michael Jordan: Hey! I washed them after every game!
Sylvester: Sure...
Michael Jordan: I did!

Larry Johnson: I've been MRI'd, EKG'd, X-Rayed, Laser beamed...

Tweety Bird: Those Monstars'd wished they'd been never born!

Taz: Lemony fresh!

Tweety Bird flies through a hole that's just been shot in Sylvester]

Tweety Bird: Holey puddy-tat!

Stan Podolak: The mouse? He picked the mouse?

Monstar Bupkus: That's mine!
Bugs Bunny: [stealing the ball] Not today.

Porky Pig: Stop this cartoon! We got an emergency cartoon character union meeting to go to.
Road Runner: Meep meep! [speeds off]
Porky Pig: Hey, wait for m-m-m, hold your horses!

[Wile E. Coyote blows Monstar Bupkus up with TNT]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, nice kaboom, Wile E.

Michael Jordan: Bugs.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, Mike?
Michael Jordan: Stay out of trouble.
Bugs Bunny: You know I will.
[Lola Bunny giggles]
Bugs Bunny: Come here you! [He kisses Lola Bunny, say "A-Whoo-A-Hoo-Woot!"]

[Stan has finished digging up the golf hole that Michael got sucked down, and still no sign of him]

Stan Podalak: This is it! This is it! I don't know where you are, Michael, but wherever you are you obviously enjoy being there more than spending time with me!
Daffy Duck: You'd better hope thith Jordan character thtill knowth how to play hoopth.
Bugs Bunny: You and me both, brother.


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