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Li Bai
Li Hongzhi
Liam GallagherLiam HemsworthLiam O'Flaherty
Liar Liar
Liberal Democrats
Liberal arts
License to KillLicense to Wed
Lie to Me (TV series)
Lien Fang Yu
LifeLife (TV series)Life Is Beautiful
Life UnexpectedLife With Derek
Life as a House
Life of Brian
Life of Pi (film)Life of Ryan
Life on Mars (TV series)
Life on a StickLife on the MississippiLife or Something Like It
Life with MikeyLifeboat (film)
LightLight of Day
Lil BoosieLil Wayne
Lila (Hinduism)
LiliesLillian GishLillian Hellman
Lillian Smith (author)
Lilo & Stitch
Lily-of-the-ValleyLily AllenLily Tomlin
Lima Barreto
Lin Carter
Lin Chu-chiaLin Join-saneLin Yutang
Lina Wertmüller
Lincoln (2012 film)Lincoln Heights (TV series)
Linda EvangelistaLinda McQuaig
Linda SmithLindsay Lohan
Lindsey DavisLindsey GrahamLinear programming
Linh NgaLinji Yixuan
Linkin ParkLinn Boyd
Linus PaulingLinus Torvalds
LinuxLinux gaming
Lionel BartLionel JeffriesLionel Johnson
Lionel RichieLionel TennysonLionel Tertis
Lionel TrillingLionsLions for Lambs
LipsLiquid Sky
Lis WiehlLisa Alther
Lisa GerrardLisa LingLisa Moorish
Lisa Randall
Lisbon TreatyLisp (programming language)
List of Manga/Anime shows in English
List of Simpsons Prank Calls
List of categories
List of films
List of last words in the WhoniverseList of literary worksList of misquotations
List of people by name
List of people by name, AList of people by name, BList of people by name, C
List of people by name, CollaborationsList of people by name, DList of people by name, E-F
List of people by name, GList of people by name, HList of people by name, I-J
List of people by name, KList of people by name, LList of people by name, M
List of people by name, N-OList of people by name, PList of people by name, Q-R
List of people by name, SList of people by name, T-VList of people by name, W-Z
List of radio showsList of religion-related themes
List of religious textsList of television showsList of theatrical plays and musicals
LiteratureLithuanian proverbs
Little Big Man (film)Little BritainLittle Busters!
Little Children (film)Little FockersLittle Gamers
Little GiantsLittle House on the Prairie (TV series)Little Miss Jocelyn
Little Miss SunshineLittle Mosque on the PrairieLittle Nicky
Little NikitaLittle Orphan Annie
Little Richard
Little Shop of Horrors (1986 film)Little Turtle
Littlest Pet Shop
Liu ChuanzhiLiu ShaheLiv And Maddie
Live Free or Die Hard
Live and Let Die (film)Live with Regis and Kelly
Livonian proverbsLivyLixion Avila
Liza MinnelliLiza Tarbuck
Lloyd AlexanderLloyd Bentsen
Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron KenyonLloyd deMause
Loaded Weapon 1LoadingReadyRun
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lockout (film)
Locksley Hall
LoesjeLogan's Run (film)
Logan Pearsall Smith
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanLois McMaster Bujold
LolitaLolita (1962 film)
Lollipop ChainsawLombard proverbs
Lon Milo DuQuetteLondon
London's Burning
Lone Star (1996 film)Loneliness
Lonely Are the Brave
Long Way Round
Loni AndersonLook Around You