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This is a page for quotes on the videogame Suikoden III by Konami.

Albert Silverberg[edit]

  • "Reality flows from cause to effect like a mathematical equation. Mortals can't comprehend this. They're pathetic."
  • "Do me a favor--salvage his soul if you can."
  • "This whole thing is getting too melodramatic for my taste, so I'm thinking of retiring from the stage."


  • "I pretend to leave, and then... SURPRISE ATTACK!"

Caesar Silverberg[edit]

  • "A true tactician knows that ' winning with a few over many ' is simply a pipe dream."

Chris Lightfellow[edit]

  • "Is lucky rabbits foot so lucky for the rabbit who lost it?"
  • "Dying in battle is noble, but this..."
  • "I think you make fooling around your business." to Nash
  • "Since it was I who bound you with such hatred... The least I can do is cut its chains from you. Come at me!" to Hugo
  • "I have not lived long enough to become a myth."


  • "How precious are your beliefs without the backbone to accomplish anything."
  • "I have an inkling. If my opponent is none other than Borus, one of the Six Knights of Zexen, I am content."
  • "I can't tell if we're being cursed or blessed, but I have faith in this world - as long as even the slightest trace of the truth remains in the world"
  • "I know nothing of dog behavior, but I do know you're depriving some poor village of its idiot!"
  • "What's the problem, I thought you'd be drunk and passed out by now..."
  • "...Have you finished your speech, kid?"
  • "It's more like a curse. Knowledge can be a tedious thing."
  • "I'll believe it when I see it. I was there 50 years ago, when the threat was the same. You get stronger with time."
  • "I've continued to postpone my demise by holding onto this Rune. I'm stuck in the purgatory of infinite life."


  • "Don't get feisty young man." to Lulu
  • "The truce was a lie. It was a lie to make this easier for you!"


  • "I would never trick anyone."
  • "Go ahead and resist. It'll give me a chance to practice my powers of persuasion."
  • "I hate you more than anything in the world. But you are the only one I empathize with." - to Sasarai
  • "...then your definition of freedom is the ability to walk around a giant cell with an invisible leash around your neck."
  • "I sincerly thank you, Sarah....My soul will be healed. I'm convinced now that I too have a soul of my own...."
  • "Forgive my grandiloquence, but this is how I feel."

Nash Latkje[edit]

  • "Careful about too much admiration, you might make the sun blush."
  • "Adults have their reasons. You children who see the world in black and white will learn soon enough about shades of grey."


  • "I forgot you had a couple of " nice things" going for you, Elaine...Too bad they're the only nice things about you."


  • "Bring it on then, Flame Champ... or should I say 'CHUMP'?"
  • "At least I look a little over 30 which would be the minimum age requirement for one who claims to be a Flame Champion."

Sergeant Joe[edit]

  • "You kids really do have a taste for trouble!"


  • "And then, I thought... Why do people have to hate each other simply because of where they born? Isn't there some way for us all to just get along?" - in the manga


  • "How can I forget when you're here....All work, No play..."
  • "Chaos would suit me just fine."
  • "Even the dead tell me their secrets."
  • "I simply desire a good fight with plenty of blood and the screams of the dying."
  • "Sure, Life has strange twists."


  • "You don't need qualifications to make a difference. Let expectation brings happiness, not burdens. Do whatever you feel is right. Trust your intuitions. Just as I have my duties, you have yours. Wouldn't you be more upset if you had no purpose in life?"


  • "Captain Geddoe, could you make this woman understand that my merchandise is in my basket?! My ass is not for sale!" - woman in Caleria
  • "Fort Caleria's famous delicacy, deep fried troll dragon! It's nutritious and fortifying. Try our deep fried troll dragon!" - vendor in Caleria


Melville: "Hey. You know, there's...
There's something I'd like ask you about."
Rody: "What?"
Louis: "What is it Melville? Why so formal?"
Melville: "Umm. Listen. Now, this is just between us...
You know how everyone is supposed to have
a 'dream person'... Do you?"
Rody: "'Dream person'?"
Melville: "Mmm. This is really only between us.
I just thought I'd ask."
Louis: "Mmm, I have one."
Rody: "Me too. I' one too."
Melville: "Ah, I see. In fact, I do too."
Louis: "Hee hee! Now I want to ask who it is!
Shall we all say who it is, together?"
Rody: "No lying, okay? It'll just be a secret between us,
all right?"
Melville: "Absolutely. A secret between the three of us.
Okay, let's say it!"
Louis: "One, two, three."
(Altogether, they're saying...)
Melville: "Chris."
Rody: "Wan Fu."
Louis: "Lady Chris."
Melville: "..."
Rody: "Ho..Hold on a second. No, it's not that!
I didn't mean it like that! I mean it'd cool to be like
him some day!"
Melville: "I-I'll...just hop out of the bath now."
Rody: "Hey, I said it's not like that! I didn't mean it like that!
Melville! I said it's not like that!"
Louis: "..."
Chris: "Just who are you?!"
Nash: "Relax, I'm not anyone strange or anything! But, I can't really tell you who I am."
Chris: "That's pretty strange all by itself."
Nash: "You're right."

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