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Switched at Birth is an American television series that premiered on ABC Family on June 6, 2011 at 9:00 ET/PT. The one-hour scripted drama revolves around two teenagers who were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments. The series' debut was the highest rated show debut for ABC Family to date.


Season 1[edit]

This Is Not a Pipe [1x01][edit]

Bay: (Looking at Daphne's CDs): Damn. Some of this stuff is too hard for me.
Daphne: Behind this sweet smile-- axe murderer.

Regina: You deserve to get arrested.
Daphne: You got arrested?!
Bay: Eh, what can I say?
Daphne: No one tells me anything.

Adrianna & Regina: (Speaking Spanish)
Bay: Between the Spanish and the signing, I'm lost.
Regina: She said, you are just like I was at your age.

Ty: Nice to meet you, Bay.
Bay: See you around Ty.
Daphne: (Snorts)
Bay: What?

American Gothic [1x02][edit]

Daphne: Emmett, this is my-- I mean, the people who--
John: Hi, John Kennish. Nice to meet you.

Bay: Okay. What just happened?
Toby: I think she just left on a '66 Triumph Bonneville T.T.
Bay: Oh, so I drink half a beer and get grounded for a week, but she gets to whizz around the city on the back of the-friend-who-you-just-met's motorcycle?
John: Don't worry. We're gonna fix that.
Bay: You're gonna unground me?
John: No, but nice try.

John: Daphne, Daphne, is he(Toby) bothering you?
Daphne: Yes.
Toby: No.
John: Good. He has years of torturing to make up for.
Daphne: That's it? You're not gonna help?
John: It's what big brother's do. See ya.

Liam: Hi, do you speak English?
Emmett: No, Japanese.

Emmett: (About Liam): Holler if you need me. I can definitely take him.
Liam: Your bodyguard?
Daphne: Pretty much.

Liam: My fried zucchini-- even better than my Dad's.
Daphne: (Raises Eyebrows)
Liam: Wait, that sounded really bad.
Daphne: Do you seriously cook?
Liam: Do I cook? Oh, I will take you down in the kitchen. Wait, that also sounded really bad. What's wrong with me today?

Bay: So... you were an alcoholic?
Regina: No. I am an alcoholic. Always will be. That's why I put them there. So I can see them and remember how frickin' hard they were to earn. (Sighs.) Because I'm not going back. And that's why I would have been harder on you for that fake ID than your parents were.
Bay: I don't get it.
Regina: You don't have the luxury of a couple of beers every now and then... because if you're anything like me, pretty quickly that couple of beers can become a six-pack, and then that six-pack is all you think about. It happened to my dad, it happened to me, and I'm going to do everything in my power to make damn sure it doesn't happen to you.

Toby: (To Bay & Himself About Regina Complaining About How He & Bay Were Raised): This isn't gonna end well for us.

Ty: Alright. I have work in the morning and you should probably get home.
Bay: Bleh, home.
Ty: (Mocking): Oh, I'm so bummed. I have to go back to my mansion.
Bay: Oh, shut up.
Ty: No, look, you don't get to complain.
Bay: Did I or did I not just spend the last 45 minutes telling you about the insanity that is my life?

Bay: (Seeing John, Kathryn, & Regina Talking): Toby, back away slowly.

Daphne: Is it safe?
Regina: No one's killed each other yet.

Portrait of My Father [1x03][edit]

John: Daphne, it's okay. That's just Bay being Bay.
Bay: What does that mean?
Toby: I think it's a euphemism for another word that starts with "B".
John: Toby.
Bay: Don't worry, Dad. That's just Toby being Toby.

Bay: Indulge me. I'm trying to figure out what my life could have been like, who I might have been.
Ty: Hmm, well, you'd probably still be a pain in the ass.
Bay: (Sarcastically): Oh, thank you. You're so sweet.

Liam: (To The Interpreter On The Video Phone With Daphne): Could you emphasize "really"?

Liam: (To The Interpreter On The Video Phone With Daphne): Could you tell her-- wait, don't sign "her" like I'm talking about her in third person 'cause that's rude.

Liam: I know you're(Daphne) mad.
Interpreter: Never tell a woman she's mad.
Liam: Dude, I got this.
Interpreter: Your funeral.

Daphne: So, you would never date anyone hearing. No matter what. You're telling me if Brooklyn Decker came onto you you'd say, "Sorry, I'm deaf, you're hearing, this cannot work."
Emmett: Brooklyn Decker? The Sports Illustrated model?
Daphne: That's the one. I knew it.
Emmett: Well, obviously, first, she'd want to make passionate love to me many, many times. But after that? It'd never work. She wouldn't understand my culture, my family, my perspective on the world. And that's everything. Fact it my ideal girlfriend is hot, smart, funny, into motorcycles & deaf. If I actually found her, I'd walk away from Brooklyn Decker in a heartbeat.

Dance Amongst Daggers [1x04][edit]

Regina: Who is Liam?
Kathryn: Bay's boyfriend.
Regina: Bay's boyfriend.
Daphne: (Eyes Widen)
Regina: Bay's boyfriend.

Bay: If I was dating someone from your school, I'd probably think to tell you about it.

Bay: No, Mom. It's cool, it's fine. It doesn't matter. Liam and I have broken up and besides, I'm dating someone new now.
Kathryn: Who?
Bay: (Looks at Daphne): His name's Ty.
Daphne: (Eyes Widen): My Ty?
Bay: No. My Ty.
Regina: Oh, god.

Emmett: So have you broken up with him(Liam) yet?
Daphne: Why would I do that?
Emmett: Because you have to. Isn't it like the "girl code" or something.
Daphne: I don't think there's a code that covers this situation.
Emmett: You've already taken Bay's family. You can't take her boyfriend, too.
Daphne: I didn't take her family. And he's not her boyfriend! She broke up with him.
Emmett: So, he's her hand-me-down. Even worse. You want my opinion, Liam is damaged goods. He will always be Bay's.

Liam: (To Himself About Bay): Not even dating and we're still fighting.

Kathryn: We're inviting everyone we know to our house, knowing full well they're gonna be staring at us. And meanwhile our girls are fighting over some boys.
John: (Pouring Wine)
Kathryn: Could you pour me on of those?
John: This is for you.

Kathryn: I'm sorry your friend(Ty) couldn't come. But considering that he's 19, I'm not that sorry.

Kathryn: How are things with--
Bay: Things are fine with me & Daphne.

John: Ladies, photo opportunity.
Bay, Kathryn, Daphne, Regina, & Melody: (Walk Off In Different Directions)

Liam: (Signs): You. Beautiful.
Daphne: Not so bad yourself.
Liam: What does that even mean?

Wilke: Hey, so if Bay's not really your sister, you could totally take a run at that.
Toby: Uh, no.
Wilke: Then, do you mind if I do?
Toby: Yes.

Daphne: I know a drummer.
Toby: You do?
Daphne: Yeah, Emmett.
Toby: Deaf Emmett?
Daphne: No-- Blind Emmett.
Toby: Well, honestly that would be better because at least then he could hear the songs.

Bay: Unbelievable. Is the whole freakin' world in love with her(Daphne)?

Wilke: (To Toby About Emmett Drumming): This is gonna be a disaster.

Toby: We are "Guitar Face". And I promise you this is gonna be interesting.

Kathryn: Where have you been?
John: I'm guessing whatever answer I give you will be the wrong one?

Bay: Just so you know, I may not be good at school or sports or being nice, but I know how to keep a guy interested. You should think about that the next time you're with Liam.

Kathryn: Toby, would you hide this for me somewhere?
Toby: What is it? You bought Dad's jersey?! (Laughs)
Kathryn: Shh!
Toby: Okay okay.

Bay: And you wore a suit
Ty: Yeah, I do own one, you know.

Dogs Playing Poker [1x05][edit]

Bay: (To Ty): Why are we talking and not kissing?

John: (To Ty): You don't look like Simone.
Ty: Hello sir.

John: What are we gonna do?
Kathryn: Well, we can't stop her from seeing him.
John: (Scoffs): Oh, yes we can.
Kathryn: If we do that,we are going to be raising "Ty Junior" in a year.
John: That's not funny.

Ty: So is this gonna be like some type of interrogation?
Bay: It's going to be exactly like one. With cornbread & chili.

Kathryn: Is that the article on the party? How is it?
Toby: How much champagne did you have?
Kathryn: My gosh, what did I say?
Toby: I'm kidding.

Bay: He(John) wants to get to know him(Ty), so Ty's coming over for dinner tonight.
Daphne: That's not gonna go well.
Bay: Says the optimist of the family.

Kathryn: Do you think they(Bay & Ty) might be having sex?
Regina: Have you seen Ty without a shirt?
Kathryn: No. Have you?
Regina: Now that's a washing machine.

Bay: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Ty: That's not funny.
Bay: I was being serious.

Ty: You said she(Daphne) would be here.
Bay: She said she would be here.

Ty: Listen, you know that I was--
Bay: Ty, don't. Whatever big romantic goodbye you've prepared-- You did prepare one right?
Ty: Yes.
Bay: Good. But I don't want to hear it. Whatever you have to say, just say it when you get back.
Ty: Bay, I don't know--
Bay: I mean it. Don't. Because if you lay out the big L right now... I'm gonna be so mad at you for doing this to me. And if you don't I'm gonna be mad at you for not saying it. So...
Ty: Alright. Then, I'm just not gonna say anything.

The Persistence of Memory [1x06][edit]

The Stag Hunt [1x07][edit]

Pandora's Box [1x08][edit]

Paradise Lost [1x09][edit]

The Homecoming [1x10][edit]

Starry Night [1x11][edit]

The Tempest [1x12][edit]

Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear [1x13][edit]

Les Soeurs d'Estrées [1x14][edit]

Expulsion From the Garden of Eden [1x15][edit]

Las Dos Fridas [1x16][edit]

Protect Me From What I Want [1x17][edit]

The Art of Painting [1x18][edit]

Write a Lonely Soldier [1x19][edit]

Game On [1x20][edit]

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters [1x21][edit]

Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time [1x22][edit]

This Is the Color of My Dreams [1x23][edit]

The Intruder [1x24][edit]

The Shock of Being Seen [1x25][edit]

Tree of Forgiveness [1x26][edit]

The Declaration of Independence [1x27][edit]

We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships [1x28][edit]

The Trial [1x29][edit]

Street Noises Invade the House[1x30][edit]

Season 2[edit]

The Door to Freedom[2x01][edit]

The Awakening Conscience[2x02][edit]

Duel of Two Women[2x03][edit]

Dressing for the Charade[2x04][edit]

The Acquired Inability to Escape[2x05][edit]


Drive in the Knife[2x07][edit]

Tight Rope Walker[2x08][edit]


Introducing the Miracle[2x10][edit]

Mother and Child Divided[2x11][edit]

Distorted House[2x12][edit]

The Good Samaritan[2x13][edit]

He Did What He Wanted[2x14][edit]

Ecce Mono [2x15][edit]

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living [2x16][edit]

Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger [2x17][edit]

As The Shadows Deepen [2x18][edit]

What Goes Up Must Come Down [2x19][edit]

The Merrymakers [2x20][edit]

Departure of Summer [2x21][edit]

Season 3[edit]

Drowning Girl [3x01][edit]

Your Body Is a Battleground [3x02][edit]

Fountain [3x03][edit]

It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else [3x04][edit]

Have You Really the Courage? [3x05][edit]

The Scream [3x06][edit]

Memory is Your Image of Perfection [3x07][edit]

Dance Me to the End of Love [3x08][edit]

The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed) [3x09][edit]

The Ambush [3x10][edit]

Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows [3x11][edit]

Love Among the Ruins [3x12][edit]

Like a Snowball Down a Mountain [3x13][edit]

Oh, Future [3x14][edit]

And We Bring the Light [3x15][edit]

The Image Disappears [3x16][edit]

Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone) [3x17][edit]

It Isn't What You Think [3x18][edit]

You Will Not Escape [3x19][edit]

Girl on the Cliff [3x20][edit]

And Life Begins Right Away [3x21][edit]

Yuletide Fortune Tellers [3x22][edit]

Season 4[edit]

And It Cannot Be Changed [4x01][edit]

Bracing the Waves [4x02][edit]

I Lock the Door Upon Myself [4x03][edit]