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  • "Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows." -- David T. Wolf
  • "Cynicism is just a totally realist view from an idealist person. it's overly analytic front allows the cynic to find the flaws that men with clouded vision cannot find. it is not necessarily a bad thing just the perspective of finding a bad be rectified" -- Nicholas J.S. Mason

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  • The skill of critical thinking is referred to as cynicism by individuals who have not attain said proficiency.
    • Horace Dumont

Most quotes are pathetic[edit]

Apparently you people have no clue what a cynic really is.

A rather cynical interpretation of cynicism (lolololol)[edit]

All these quotes seem very negative towards cynicism. I quite enjoy the company of cynical people. They find enjoyment in the worst of things, by complaining and moaning about them.