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This election is going to say a lot about Virginia's future and about the country's future.

Terry McAuliffe (born February 9, 1957) is an American businessman, Democratic Party politician and the 72nd Governor of Virginia.


  • This election is going to say a lot about Virginia's future and about the country's future.
  • I’ve negotiated bank deals all over the globe. Everything is a compromise. … I never take anything off the table. They say good luck, put your government together. Fine — I’ve loved it. So we have jumped in with vigor. I have now had CEOs who have called me, several have come to visit me, and made it clear to me that I better get this workforce development fixed or they have to take other options available to them. Obviously, the biggest challenge is state government is so immense, so many different departments, so many people involved. It’s a challenge but not an overwhelming challenge — I actually enjoy it. I haven’t taken time off since the election. Many of my predecessors have said ‘You need to do that.’ It’s really not my personality.

Quotes about Terry McAuliffe[edit]

  • Terry McAuliffe is a really old friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton so the fact that they would come and help him campaign is not surprising. But they are not super popular in Virginia so the fact he brought them here is interesting, in the sense that Hillary is keeping her hand in, simply by being part of it and keeping her face in it.
  • The governor-elect has taken some steps to try and present himself as bipartisan. He has reached out to a lot of my colleagues in my caucus, and he tells us he’s willing to work together. … But at the same time, he’ll say he wants to work with me and then go to the state Chamber of Commerce two days later to say you’ve got to get on those guys and get them to pass pre-K and Medicaid expansion. But he’s learning; he’s new — and he’s got a pretty steep learning curve. But he’s obviously a bright guy. I’m sure he’s going to be up to it.

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