The Basketball Diaries

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The Basketball Diaries is a 1995 drama film directed by Scott Kalvert. And starring Leanardo DiCaprio, James Madio, Mark Wahlberg, Lorraine Bracco, and Bruno Kirby.

Jim Carroll[edit]

HEY LADY! SHUT UP! Mom, can you get me some money please? I was starting to enjoy myself, Father!


Mom: Hey Jim, you're not going to waste the whole day lying around are you? Jim: Yeah Mom, I'm up. The loony alarm went off. Mom: Well, close the blinds. Don't look at her and don't listen to her. Jim: How can I not?

Crazy lady: Jesus the Nazarene, Mary the whore, Mary the hairdresser- Jim: HEY LADY! SHUT UP!!


Pedro: You okay, Jim? Jim: Yeah. Pedro: Does it hurt? Mickey: What? Do you want to rub it for him, Pedro? Neutron: Yo Jim, give it a rest, man. You're never gonna beat him. Mickey: The guy's a pervert, did you hear him? "We can do it again tomorrow if you like, Mr. Carroll." Jim: C'mon. Let's cut out of here!


Jim: Mom, can you give some money PLEASE? Mom can you give me some money PLEASE! Stop [...] around! (waits 5 minutes then shouts again) Jim: Mom, give me some [...] money please! What are you doing! I'm your son! (no answer) Jim: MOM DON'T [...] AROUND LIKE THIS! GIVE ME SOME MONEY!!! MOM!!!!! (silent) Jim: Come on! Let me in the [...] door! (Jim waits but his mom doesn't answer. Jim begins to cry) Jim: Oh, my God! Oh, [...]! Jim: Let me in. I NEED SOME MONEY. I NEED SOME MONEY REAL BAD. Oh, [...].


Jim: Holy [...]! Look at this place!


Jim: And all I've done is reading these diaries wondering how the heck am I still alive.