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The Big O is an anime TV series.

"Cast in the Name of God
Ye Not Guilty."

Major characters[edit]

As featured in the intro to The Big O.

Roger Smith: The Negotiator[edit]

Roger Smith: We have choices. Some people like to stand in the rain without an umbrella. That's what it means to live free.

Act: 01[edit]

  • "My name is Roger Smith. I perform a much needed job here in the city of amnesia."
  • "If they don't want to play by the rules, the money comes back."
  • "Negotiating requires good faith, in this case, it was lacking on both sides. Collective bargaining of this nature should only be conducted between pros."
  • "This place, Paradigm City, is a town of forgetfulness. One day forty years ago every person here lost all memory of what had happened before that day. But humans are adaptable creatures, they make due and go on with life. If they are smart enough to figure out how to operate machinery and electricity, they can have something of civilization. People can survive without knowing what did or didn't happen in the past. And each day they try their hardest to do just that. The only people who regret the loss of these memories are the city's elderly. But memories, like nightmares, can come when you least expect them."
  • "I feel that criminals should behave professionally. You agree?"
  • Dorothy: "Aren't you going to return fire?"
Roger: "With what pray tell? It's not like I pack a lunch box full of missiles when I go to work."
  • Roger: "Since you are no mere human, would you..."
Dorothy: "You want me to decoy their fire?"
Roger: "BINGO!"
  • "Now Big O! It's show time!"
  • "A spoiled girl with a major attitude! Not my type!"
  • "Bye Bye... Dotty!"

Act: 2[edit]

  • "If you stay in this house, then you must wear black."

Act: 24[edit]

  • "Men who do nothing but dream should just stay in their dreams forever!"

Act: 25[edit]

"The way in which you were given life has nothing to do with the way you live your life as a human being"

Act: 26[edit]

  • "Angel! Memories are very precious to people’s lives, they give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we exist, and if we lose them we have an unrelenting feeling of uncertainty. You must listen to me; the humans that are living here and now in the present are made up of more than their memories of the past. I myself don't even know who I am, I don't have a single solitary memory about myself. But I don't believe anyone took them from me. I most likely erased them of my own free will. I was the one who made that choice; I made it for myself so I could live, in the present and in the future because I must go on believing there is a me! Angel, I know that I will never lose the you that is now a part of my memories, the you that met me and the conviction you had in what you felt you needed to do. The you that loved yourself more than anyone else ever could. I'll never forget this woman named Angel who once loved herself but was filled with such doubt. You must stop denying your own existence. You have to live as a human being."

R. Dorothy: The Android[edit]

Act: 01[edit]

  • Roger: "Do I have to make you get out?" (after Dorothy enters his car)
Dorothy: You may try but I'm doubtful a mere human has the strength."
Roger: *Glare*
  • "He assembled me using blueprints and nothing more. It's just the deranged rantings of a dying man."
  • Dorothy: "You're a louse Roger Smith."
Roger: "Well that's a first; I'm used to human women saying that to me."

Burg Norman: The Butler[edit]

Dan Dastun: The Officer[edit]

Act: 02[edit]

  • "Hey, hold it! Teach that miscreant a lesson about respecting the law!" *to the Big O, walking away after saving the day*

Angel: ?[edit]

Minor characters[edit]

Big Ear[edit]

"Isn't Mr. Knight in shining armor going to rescue the damsel in distress."

"I've had my ear to the ground for some time now..."


TOM2: Big O will return in a moment.
TOM2: Big O, now continues.
TOM2: That's It for Big O.....Tenchi In Tokyo is next.

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