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The Bourne Identity is a 2002 film starring Matt Damon about an amnesia victim discovering clues to his identity that seem to indicate he is an assassin.

Directed by Doug Liman. Screenplay by Tony Gilroy and William Blake Herron. Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum.
Matt Damon is Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne[edit]

  • I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred and fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab of the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking. Now why would I know that? How can I know that and not know who I am?
  • I swear to God, if I even feel somebody behind me, there is no measure to how fast and how hard I will bring this fight to your doorstep!
    • to Conklin
  • No it's not coming back goddammit that's the point! I've been going through all of this... all of this shit for two days.

Marie Kreutz[edit]

  • (Jason is repeatedly pressing the buzzer for his apartment) I guess you're not home.
  • Nobody does the right thing.
  • You have ID? (to Bourne at end of film)


  • I don't like her. I want to go deep.
  • I can't help Jason unless I know what the problem is!
  • You chose the boat as the goddamn strike point!


  • Nykwana Wombosi: If you are going to kill me, kill me dead!
  • The Professor: Look at this. Look at what they make you give.


Giancarlo [ship's doctor]: What's this? You tied these knots? So it starts to come back, eh?
Bourne: No, it doesn't start to come back. The knots, like everything else, I just found the rope and I did it.

Abbott: I was recalling a conversation we had some time ago, talking about Treadstone. I seem to remember Nykwana Mombosi's name might have come up.
Conklin: I'm not sure what we're talking about.
Abbott: Someone tried to take him out. Tried, and failed. Was this Treadstone?
Conklin: You're asking me a direct question?
Abbott: Yes.
Conklin: I thought you were never gonna do that.
Abbott: What happened?
Conklin: Well… we, uh, lost communication with our man.
Abbott: This was almost two weeks ago.
Conklin: We've been working 'round the clock, the whole unit. We've been sleeping down there. Believe me, we're doing everything we can.
Abbott: And you don't let me know this?
Conklin: You never wanted to before.
Abbott: You never made a mistake before.

Marie: With you, you'll probably just forget about me if I stayed here.
Bourne: How could I forget about you? You're the only person I know!

Bourne: This your store?
Marie: Yeah.
Bourne: It's nice. A little hard to find, but...
Bourne: Think I can rent a scooter?
Marie: You have ID?
Bourne: (Bourne smiles) Not really.

Ward Abbott: Well, so far, you've given me nothing but a trail of collateral damage from Zurich to Paris. I don't think I could do much worse.
Conklin: Well, why don't you go upstairs and book a conference room? Maybe you can talk him to death.


  • Matt Damon is Jason Bourne
  • He was the perfect weapon until he became the target.
  • Bourne to survive
  • On June 14th, danger is Bourne.
  • Danger is Bourne.
  • Who Am I?
  • Who is Jason Bourne?

Major cast[edit]

Matt Damon - Jason Bourne
Franka Potente - Marie Kreutz
Chris Cooper - Alexander Conklin
Brian Cox - Ward Abbott
Clive Owen - The Professor
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Nykwana Wombosi
Gabriel Mann - Danny Zorn
Julia Stiles - Nicki Parsons

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