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The Fighter is a 2010 film about the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s.

Directed by David O. Russell. Written by Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy, and Eric Johnson.
Every dream deserves a fighting chance.

Micky Ward[edit]

  • [after seeing the size of his opponent] That guy did not just get off the fuckin' couch. If he did, I'm gonna get a couch like that.
  • [to Charlene] I don't have a girlfriend, alright? I... I like you. I came here because I don't wanna show my face in Lowell. I told everybody I was gonna win that fight and get back on track. I told my daughter I was gonna get a bigger apartment so she could move in. You don't think I wanted to call you? I was embarrassed. I'm sick of bein' a fuckin' disappointment.
  • [pointing at each member of his family] I'm the one who's fighting. Not you, not you, and not you.

Dickie Eklund[edit]

  • Its not fuckin' ladylike to be shoutin' in the street like this.
  • [to Micky] Are you like me? Was just good enough to fight Sugar Ray? Never had to win, did I? You gotta do more in there. You gotta win a title. For you, for me, for Lowell. This is your time, all right? You take it. I had my time and I blew it. You don't have to. All right? You fuckin' get out there, and use all the shit that you've been through, all the shit we've gone through over the fuckin' years, and you put it in that ring right now. This is yours. This is fuckin' yours.
  • Who used to be the pride of Lowell? Right here. [points at himself] Who's the pride of Lowell now? [points at Micky] Right there.

Charlene Fleming[edit]

  • [to Micky] That's the movie you wanted to see? There wasn't even any good sex in it. Had to read the whole fuckin' movie. Fuckin' subtitled. Some guy from a road crew recommended it to you? A fuckin' subtitled movie?
  • [to Alice] Stop calling' me an MTV girl, or whatever the fuck that means. really i heard a lot about you two. same thing you meant.
  • [to Cindy] fuck you bitch.
  • [to Cathy] don't call me skank I'll rip that nasty ass hair right off your fucking head.
  • [to Dickie] get off my porch you piece of shit.

Alice Ward[edit]

  • I know, George, you think I don't know anything, but I know people. And that Sal Lanano banana fucking thing, we don't need that in our lives!
  • We're not talking about his trainer, sweetheart! We're talking about his manager, that's me!
  • What are you doing opening your mouth in my kitchen? You owe me $200. I don't want another word outta you!

' What happening to everybody I don't understand sweetheart.

  • [to Charlene] i've heard a lot about you


Mickey Ward: Alice, this is Charlene.
Charlene Fleming: Hi.
Alice Ward: I've heard a lot about you.
Charlene Fleming: Really? I've heard a lot about you too.
Alice Ward: What's that supposed to mean?
Charlene Fleming: Same thing you meant.

Phyllis 'Beaver' Eklund: [about Charlene] I heard she's into threeways!
Sherri Ward: Yeah, with other girls!
Cathy 'Pork' Eklund: Yeah, like one of them MTV Girls!
Cindy 'Tar' Eklund: She acts all fuckin superiah 'cuz she went to college!

Neary: [during the press conference] I feel confident for this fight. In fact, I was under the impression I'd be fighting a better fighter.
Mickey Ward: I'm just grateful to be here and have the shot for the title.

Dickie Eklund: [in reference to Charlene saying that Sugar Ray Leonard slipped] Do you think I knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard?
Mickey Ward: Yeah, sure I do. You were the pride of Lowell. You were my hero, Dicky.
Dickie Eklund: I was. I was.

Cathy 'Pork' Eklund: You're a bah skank!
Cindy 'Tar' Eklund: Skank!
Charlene Fleming: Don't call me a skank, or I'll rip the nasty ass hair right outta ya fuckin head!


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