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The Plague Dogs is a 1982 film about two dogs (Rowf and Snitter) who escape from an animal research laboratory.

Directed by Martin Rosen.
Two dogs on the run... the outside world is not what they imagined


  • (looking into a pool of water) Look. Rowf, look! Everything's so still in there. If I was in there, covered over, my head would be cool. Things would keep still.


  • (while exploring the laboratory) There must be some reason, mustn't there? It must do some sort of good.

The Tod[edit]

  • I'm the tod. Tod, y'know? Canniest tod on moss an' moor.
  • Yer lookin' for me? The way yer runnin' I thought your arse was a'fire.


(after Rowf and Snitter chase the sheep)
Don (sheepdog): What the 'ell are't thou playin' at? Are't thou stark bloody mad or what?
Snitter: We just need a master.
Don: Just need a master? Of all the...! Are't thou out of thy mind? Chasin' yows up and down fell! Snappin' and bitin'! Where's thy farm at? Where's thy master? Thou's nipped young yow too thy bastard. It's bleedin'!

(Rowf and Snitter come across The Tod)
Rowf: Stay where you are! I mean it!
The Tod: Away now kidder... no need for you an' me to start battlin'. Wher'd ya get that crack on the head bonny lad?
Snitter: The road was black and white and then the truck came and... lightning shot down my head... it is a dog, isn't it?
Rowf: He's a thief!
The Tod: Now give over! Let's all be mates! No need for a barney. Stick wi' me and we'll all be champion... else you'll soon be dead.
Snitter: Dead?
The Tod: Aye. Dead. An' no arguement about it.
Rowf: We're not about to die...
The Tod: No? Why hinny you've got no chance at all. I've been watchin' ye the last two days - you'll not last! Hollerin' yer heads off, racin' about the fell...

(Rowf and Snitter swimming in the ocean)
Snitter: If there is any island, Rowf.
Rowf: There is. There... can't you see it? Our island! Just stay with me. I'll get you there.


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