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The Sarah Silverman Program (2007-2010), a comedy sitcom starring Sarah Silverman.

Batteries [1.6][edit]

Sarah Silverman: I wish every child had a mother / That's what I wish
I wish we could love one another / If I had one wish
And I wish all the nations belonged to one world / And I wish all religion was love
And I wish the retarded — were resmarted / That's what I wish.
[fade to white]
Black God: Hello, Sarah.
Sarah Silverman: Are you God's black friend?

Kangamangus [2.21][edit]

Sarah: These are words we all say every single day. Squeak a Henry. Talk to the hand. Chillax. Ozay. What's that? You've never heard of "ozay"? Huh. Maybe it's because I just made it up. Congratulations everybody. You are witness to history in the making today. Because "ozay" is going to be greatest thing since saying "the greatest thing since sliced bread". She said that to you? Ozay! How much did that cost? O-zay! The waitress forgot to bring your bacon? Ozay!
[Steve adjusts his glasses while holding a pen, making a dot on the tip of his nose]
Brian: I have a new word, too. "Dotnose".
Laura: What does that mean?
Brian: Oh, you know, it's when something's super obvious. It's just dotnose.
Laura: I don't un— [notices dot on Steve's nose] oh, oh, like when something's written all over your face, it's a total dotnose situation.
Steve: That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.
Brian: Careful, Steve, you're being a real dotnose.

Stranger at Fan-Tasti-Mart: You don't have to be a jerk about it. I was just trying to help. YOU. HAVE. A. DOT. ON. YOUR. NOSE. DICK!
Brian: [cracking up] This is a total dotnose situation.
Stranger: [calming down] I guess it is. I mean, it's the classic dotnose scenario. I don't see how he could get any more dotnose.

Tokie: Yeah, I told some punk-ass bitch he was ozay.
Sarah: Oh my— Oh my God, it's catching on! Where did you first hear "ozay"? Like, what's your experience with "ozay". Did you come by my booth? What caused you to say the word?
Tokie: What caused me? Bitch called me dotnose. You don't call people dot— no one calls me dotnose!