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The Smurfs (or The Smurfs Movie) is a 2011 live-action/CGI film about the Smurfs getting chased out of their home and into New York. It is based on the comic series/TV show of the same name.

Papa Smurf[edit]

  • Not this time, Gargamel.
  • I'm 546 years old.
  • Is a smurf's butt blue?

Gutsy Smurf[edit]

  • I'll never forget this. Especially not with these! [Turns around and he is wearing "I love New York" underwear]
  • [After Patrick swears in Smurf language] There's no call for that kind of language, laddie!

Brainy Smurf[edit]

  • Just because your name is Grouchy doesn't mean that you always have to be grouchy.
  • That's gonna leave a big blue bruise.

Clumsy Smurf[edit]

  • Keep your smurfs to yourself!


  • You smurf'd with the wrong girl.
  • I can have more than one dress?

Grouchy Smurf[edit]

  • Why are we even listening to him? He's the one who just got us sucked into a giant hole.
  • Just remember this one moment, and I wasn't grouchy! I wasn't!
  • I think I just smurfed in my mouth.
  • Hey! I'm walkin' here!


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