The Ultimate Enemy

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The Ultimate Enemy is episode twenty-eight and twenty-nine as well as the second TV movie of Danny Phantom. Danny gets caught up in a time traveling adventure. There he discovers a future where his family and friends are dead and he has become the most powerful and evil ghost in the world.


  • Observant 1: Now do you understand?
    Clockwork: Yes. Danny Phantom grows up to be the most evil ghost on the planet. What do you want me to do about it?
    Observant 1: You are the master of time, Clockwork. Isn't it obvious?
    Observant 2: To save the future Danny Phantom must perish!

  • Danny: And more important, what's with you?
    Box Lunch: I am Box Lunch, the daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady!
    Danny: Umm... ewww!

  • Danny: That's Box Lunch, the daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady.
    Tucker: Yikes!.
    Danny: Actually it's more of an "ewww...".

  • Skulktech 9.9: I am Skulktech 9.9, the future Ghost World's greatest hunter!
    Technus: With its greatest techno villain as its operating system.
    Danny: Skulker and Technus together?
    Tucker: Is that an "ewww" or a "yikes"?
    (Metallic tentacles appear from Skulktech 9.9's back)
    Danny: Definitely a "yikes".

  • Skulktech 9.9: Someone's hacking into the system? Again? I thought we fixed that!
    Technus: We did! It must have accidentally synced up with somebody else's PDA!

  • Skulktech 9.9: What are you waiting for? Activate the Purple Back Gorilla Override!
    Technus: Don't tell me how to do my job!

  • Sam: (Looking into Danny's future) I think I'm seeing your future, and you're kind of a jerk. (Dark Danny uses his ghostly wail on multiple tanks, helicopters, and police cars) Okay, you're really a jerk.
    Danny: (Pushing Sam away) What is that? Some sort of ghostly wail? Man, what a cool power! (Sam glares at him) ...if it wasn't being used for evil.

  • Observer 1: He has your time medallion.
    Observer 2: He has your time medallion.
    Clockwork: You said that twice.

  • Clockwork: That's the problem with you Observants. All you ever do is observe.
    Observant 1:You know our oath 'To Watch'
    Clockwork: And never act-- Which is why you call me to do your dirty work.

  • Dark Danny: (to Danny) Actually that was me... and you, eventually.

  • Dark Danny: Sam and Tucker. It's been a while. Ten years to be accurate.

  • Dark Danny: So to what do I owe the blast from the past? (sees Clockwork's medallions Sam and Tucker are wearing) Clockwork! Meddling again?

  • Danny: I'll never turn into you. NEVER!
    Dark Danny: Of course you will. (Transforms into Danny) It's only a matter of time.

  • Observant 2: Have you completed your task?
  • Clockwork: Everything's fine. Everything's the way it should be. (Turns on his time-space watching screen and sets it on Dark Danny, who is disguised as Danny) See? There's your boy. Turned back to his time. Safe, sound and clearly not evil. Now, care to observe the door?

  • Dark Danny: (disguised as Danny) Ha! Ha! Always with the queeps. In my weaker moments I sometimes miss your droll sense of humor.
    Tuck: I'm sorry?
    Dark Danny: I'm just kiddin'.

  • Future Box Ghost: And here you are, wrapped up like a present.
    Danny: Box Ghost?
    Future Box Ghost: (sinisterly) Beware!

  • Danny: I'm guessing if you could reach into me and rip out my humanity - which, by the way, sounds totally gross - you can get the medallion out, too. Then I'll pop back to my present like Tucker and Sam did.
    Vlad: Or I could just destroy you and prevent this future. Didn't think of that, did you?

  • Jazz: He'll (Danny) escape! He'll beat you!
    Dark Danny: How? Is the answer A: The Fenton Portal? Destroyed it. B: the only remaining portal? The one my idiot cheese-head archenemy has? As soon as I find it, that's going, too.
    Jazz: "Cheese-Head"? Vlad Masters? He's your arch-enemy!?
    Dark Danny: Is the answer C: You? No, you can't stop me from cheating on the CAT insolitifying my future, so the answer must be D: (zapping Jazz) NONE OF THE ABOVE! (Transforms into Danny and looks at the answers sheet) Well, what'd you know? The answer to the first question is... D!

  • Mr. Lancer: Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Daniel, this is the nasty burger. When people fail, this is where they end up. Whether they fail because they didn't study or because they cheated. (shows the Answer Sheet "Danny" had)
    Jack Fenton: Danny, is this true?
    Maddie Fenton: Did you cheat?
    (Sam and Tucker approach running)
    Sam: You have to get out of here!
    Tucker: The Nasty Burger is gonna blow and we're three feet from it!
    Mr. Lancer: South Beach Diet, people! What's going on here?!
    Jazz: I'll tell you what's going on, or, better yet, show you!
    (Jazz uses the Fenton Peeler and turns Dark Danny back to his true form) That's not Danny!

  • Jack: Where is he?! Where's our son?!
    Maddie: What have you done to our boy?!
    Dark Danny: (Laughs) I am your boy!
    Maddie: What?
    Dark Danny: What kind of parents are you anyway? The world's leading ghost experts and you couldn't even figure out that your own son was half ghost.
    Jack: (to Maddie) For the record, I blame you.

  • Dark Danny: Hello? Danny Fenton? Danny Phantom? Ever notice the similarity? Jazz did.
    Tucker and Sam: She did?!
    Jack: (aiming his ghost weapon at Dark Danny): Liar! Don't move!
    Dark Danny: Actually, no one's goin' anywhere. Not until it's time for you to be blown everywhere.

  • Danny: What are you gonna do? Waste me? What happens to you then?
    Dark Danny: You don't get it, do you? I'm still here. I still exist. That means you still turn into me!

  • Dark Danny: Your time is up, Danny. (Duplicates into 4 ghosts) It's been up for 10 years.

  • Dark Danny: What makes you think you can change my past?
    Danny: Because I promised my family!
    Dark Danny: *Laughs* Ha ha ha ha! Oh, you are such a child! You Promised?
    Danny: Yes! I... PROMISED!!!
    (Danny uses his Ghostly Wail on Dark Danny)

  • Dark Danny: (in response to Danny's Ghostly Wail): That power! Oh, it's not possible! I don't get that power until ten years from now!
    Danny: I guess the future isn't as set in stone as you think it is.

  • Clockwork: (after halting time to save Danny's family) The Observants look at time as if it were a parade, each event passing by one by one in sequence right in front of them. I see the parade from above, seeing all the twists and turns it might...or might not take.
    Danny: You knew all of this was going to happen, all of it! (They both fly over towards Danny's family) Even this part!
    Clockwork: Everything's the way it's supposed to be and here we are, with you, a fourteen year old boy risking everything to save the people he loves. (Hits his staff) Time in! (They return to when Danny took the test) You gave everyone else in your life a second chance, how about you?

  • Observant 1: You manipulated the boy! You influenced his choice!
    Observant 2: That's a direct violation in the protocal of temporal displacement! In other words...
    Both observants: YOU CHEATED!!!
    Clockwork, smiling: True, I cheated, but I assure you his choice was his own.
    Observant 1: You realize the boy is your responsibility now?
    Observant 2: As is his evil self, now that he exists outside of time.
    Clockwork: I know, but then again, I know everything.