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The Walking Dead (2010-) is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series developed for television by Frank Darabont and based on the ongoing comic book series, The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.


Season 1 (2010)[edit]

Days Gone Bye [1.01][edit]

Rick Grimes: What's the difference between men and women?
Shane Walsh: Is this a joke?
Rick Grimes: No, serious.
Shane Walsh: Never met a woman who knew how to turn off a light. Born thinking the switch only goes one way: on. Come home, house all lit up, and my job, you see, apparently because my chromosomes happen to be different is that I gotta walk through that house and turn off every single light this chick left on.
Rick Grimes: Is that right?
Shane Walsh: Yeah, baby. Oh Reverend Shane is a-preachin' to ya now, boy. Then this same chick, mind ya, she'll bitch about, uh, Global Warming. This is where Reverend Shane wants to quote from the Guy Gospel and say, "Uh, darlin' maybe if you and every other pair of boobs on this planet could just figure out that the light switch, see, goes both ways, maybe we wouldn't have so much Global Warming?"
Rick Grimes: You say that?
Shane Walsh: The polite version. Still, that earns me this look of loathing you would not believe and that's when the Exorcist voice pops out "You sound just like my damn Father! Always yellin' about the power bill and tellin' me to turn off the damn lights!"
Rick Grimes: What do you say to that?
Shane Walsh: I know what I want to say. What I want to say, "Bitch, you mean to tell me you've been hearing this your entire life and you are still too damn stupid to learn how to turn off a switch?"

Morgan Jones: Bites kill you. The fever burns you out. But then after a come back.

Glenn Rhee: [over the radio to Rick] Hey, you. Dumbass. Hey, you in the tank. Cozy in there?

Guts [1.02][edit]

Glenn Rhee: [to Rick] Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town?
Merle Dixon: Who the hell are you, man?!
Rick Grimes: Officer Friendly. Look here, Merle. Things are different now. There are no niggers anymore. No dumb-as-shit-inbred-white-trash-fools either. Only dark meat and white meat. That's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart.
Rick Grimes: All I am anymore is a man looking for his wife and son. Anybody that gets in the way of that is gonna lose.

Tell It to the Frogs[1.03][edit]

Merle Dixon: [delirious] That's right. You heard me, bitch. You got a problem? Bring it on if you're man enough, or take it up the chain if you're a pussy. You heard me, you pussy-ass noncom bitch. You ain't deaf. Take it up the damn chain of command or you can kiss my lily-white ass. [laughs] That's right. That's what I said. You heard me. And then this idiot, he takes a swing, you know, and well... [laughs] Oh, you should've seen the look on his face when I punched out his front teeth. Yeah, five of 'em. Pow! Pow! Just like that. Huh. Oh my God. Oh, that's what them teeth cost me. That was, that was hard time, but by God, it was worth every minute of it just to see that prick spit his teeth out on the ground. Yes sir, worth every minute. Mmm.

Merle Dixon: [praying] I didn't behave, I know. I know I'm being punished. I know. I- Oh, I deserve it. I deserve it. I've been bad. Help me now. Show me the way. Go on, tell me what to do. Tell me. Tell me. God!That's okay. Never you mind, silly Christ boy. I ain't begged you before. I ain't gonna start begging now. I ain't gonna beg you now! Don't you worry about me begging you ever! I'll never beg you! I ain't gonna beg you! I never begged you before.

Vatos [1.04][edit]

Daryl Dixon: Nobody can kill Merle but Merle.

Shane Walsh: Jim, nobody is gonna hurt you, okay?
Jim: That's a lie. That's the biggest lie there is. I told that to my wife and my two boys. I said it 100 times. It didn't matter. They came out of nowhere. There were dozens of 'em. Just pulled 'em right out of my hands. You know, the only reason I got away was 'cause the dead were too busy eating my family.

Daryl Dixon: Hey kid, what'd you do before all this?
Glenn Rhee: Deliver pizzas. Why?
Daryl Dixon: You got some balls for a China man.
Glenn Rhee: I'm Korean.
Daryl Dixon: Whatever.

Jim: I remember my dream now, why I dug the holes.

Wildfire [1.05][edit]

[Dr. Jenner is speaking to a recording camera.]
Edwin Jenner: Jenner here. It's Day 194 since Wildfire was declared and 63 days since the disease abruptly went global. There's no clinical progress to report. Item: I finally got the scrubbers in the east sector shut down to save power. Wish I could have done it a month ago, but it took me how long to figure it out. Too bad I never studied engineering. Could have saved a lot of amps. Item: Still not sleeping well. Can't seem to keep regular hours. Living underground doesn't help; not knowing if it's day or night. Just...feeling

[Dr. Jenner is speaking to a recording camera after the decontamination process destroyed his samples.]
Edwin Jenner: The TS-19 samples are gone. The tragedy of their loss cannot be overstated. They were our freshest samples, by far. None of the other samples we gathered came close. Those are necrotic. Useless, dead flesh. [Pause] I don't even know why I'm talking to you. I bet there isn't a single son of a bitch still listening out there, is there? [Gets closer to the camera] Is there? Fine. Saves me the embarrassment. I think tomorrow I'm gonna blow my brains out. I haven't decided. But tonight, I'm getting drunk. [Pours a glass of wine, finishing the bottle. Shows the camera the bottle.] Speaking of which, how far do you think I can chuck this, huh? Pretty far, I bet. [Throws bottle across room, shattering it.] Oh! It is out of the stadium!

TS-19 [1.06][edit]

Rick Grimes: [to Jenner] You don't know what it's like out there. You may think you do but you don't. It's only a matter of time. There's too many of those things. My boy, my wife, I never told them what I really thought. I never even hinted, just, just kept it in, kept us moving, kept it in, kept us moving.

Dale Horvath: I see a chance to make a new start.

Daryl Dixon: Man, I'm gonna get shit-faced drunk. again.

Edwin Jenner: This is what takes us down. This is our extinction event.

Season 2 (2011-2012)[edit]

What Lies Ahead [2.01][edit]

Andrea: [to Dale] All I wanted after my sister died was to get out of this endless horrific nightmare we live every day. I wasn't hurting anyone else. You took my choice away, Dale. And you expect gratitude? I don't know what to say. I'm not your little girl. I'm not your wife. And I am sure as hell not your problem.

Carol Peletier: [praying] Father, forgive me. I don't deserve your mercy. I prayed for safe passage from Atlanta and you provided. I prayed for Ed to be punished for laying his hands on me and for looking at his own daughter with whatever sickness was growing in his soul. I prayed you'd put a stop to it, give me a chance to raise her right, help her not make my mistakes. She's so fearful. She's so young in her way. She hasn't had a chance. Praying for Ed's death was a sin. Please, don't let this be my punishment. Let her be safe, alive and safe. Please, lord. Punish me however you want, but show mercy on her.


Dale Horvath: Listen, your veins are very discolored. You got a hell of an infection there. You could die from blood poisoning.
T-Dog: [laughs] Oh, man. Wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell, the dead risen up to eat the living and Theodore Douglas is done here by a cut on his arm. [laughs harder]

Otis: I ain't gonna sit here while this fella takes this on alone.

T-Dog: What are you, 70?
Dale Horvath: 64.
T-Dog: Uh-huh. And I'm the one black guy. Realize how precarious that makes my situation?

Save the Last One [2.03][edit]

Lori Grimes: Maybe this isn't a world for children anymore.

[Daryl finds a walker hanging by a rope and reads off a note on the tree]
Daryl Dixon: "Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit". Dumbass didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head. Turns himself in a swinging piece of bait. And a mess.

Daryl Dixon: Look at him. Hanging up there like a big piñata. The other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs.
Andrea: I thought we were changing the subject.
Daryl Dixon: Call that payback for laughing about my itchy ass.

Cherokee Rose [2.04][edit]

Rick Grimes: Last time I asked God for a favor and stopped to admire a view, my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the almighty anymore.

Hershel Greene: [to Rick] My father didn't bother with comforting lies. He used his fist. He was a loveless, violent drunk and no good to anybody. He drove me from home when I was 15. Didn't lay eyes on this place again for many years. I was not at his deathbed, Rick. I would not grant him that and to this day do not regret it. Some men do not earn the love of their sons. I don't see you having that problem.

Daryl Dixon: [to Carol] It's a Cherokee Rose. The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much 'cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they said a prayer; asked for a sign to uplift the mothers' spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day this rose started to grow where the mothers' tears fell. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl.

Chupacabra [2.05][edit]

Jimmy: I want a gun.
Daryl Dixon: And people in hell want slurpees.

Merle Dixon Hallucination: [to Daryl] You're a joke is what you are, playing errand boy to a bunch of pansy-asses, niggers and democrats. You're nothing but a freak to them. Redneck trash. That's all you are. They're laughing at you behind your back. You know that, don't you? I got a little news for you, son. One day they gonna scrape you off their heels like you was dogshit. Hey. They ain't your kin, your blood. Hell, you had any damn nuts in that sack of yours, you'd got back there and shoot your pal Rick in the face for me. Now you listen to me. Ain't nobody ever gonna care about you except me, little brother. Nobody ever will.

Glenn Rhee: Dale, you think Andrea's on her period? I'm only asking 'cause it's like all the women are acting really weird. And I read somewhere that when women spend a lot of time together, their cycles line up and they all get super crazy hormonal at the same time.
Dale Horvath: I'm gonna advise you to keep that theory to yourself.

Secrets [2.06][edit]

Daryl Dixon: [to Andrea] Shoot me again? You best pray I'm dead.

Dale Horvath: [referring to Otis] You've been vague about that night about what happened.
Shane Walsh: Otis died a hero.
Dale Horvath: So you've said.
Shane Walsh: A little boy lived because of what went down that night. I think you oughta show some gratitude.
Dale Horvath: I wasn't there.
Shane Walsh: No man, you weren't.
Dale Horvath: But I was the time you raised your gun on Rick. You had him in your sights... and you held him there. I know what kind of man you are.
Shane Walsh: You think I'd shoot Rick? That is my best friend. That's the man that I love, I love him like he's my brother. You think that's the kind of man I am?
Dale Horvath: That's right.
Shane Walsh: [menacingly] Well maybe we oughta just think that through. See, if I'm the kind of man that would gun down his own best friend, what'd you think I do to some guy I don't even like when he starts throwing accusations my way. What'd you think?

Pretty Much Dead Already [2.07][edit]

Shane Walsh: Hell, when you really look at it in the cold light of day, you're pretty much dead already.

Nebraska [2.08][edit]

Hershel Greene: [to Rick] You people are like a plague! I do the Christian thing, give you shelter, and you destroy it all!

Dave: [to Rick] You don't know what we've had to go through out there, the things we've had to do. I bet you've had to do some of those same things yourself. Am I right? 'Cause ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world.

Triggerfinger [2.09][edit]

Hershel Greene: You want me to cover Glenn?
Rick Grimes': You missed all that gun training. It could've come in handy now.
Hershel Greene Nah, I can shoot. Just don't like to.

18 Miles Out [2.10][edit]

Shane Walsh: Rick, you can't just be the good guy and expect to live. Okay? Not anymore.
Rick Grimes: I'm not the good guy anymore.

Rick Grimes: You want to kill me, you're going to have to do better than that wrench.

Andrea: The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.

Judge, Jury, Executioner [2.11][edit]

Carol Peletier: You know, we'll see Sophia again in heaven some day. She's in a better place.
Carl Grimes: No, she's not. Heaven is just another lie, and if you believe it, you're an idiot.

Carol Peletier: Everyone either avoids me or they treat me like I'm crazy. I lost my daughter. I didn't lose my mind!

Daryl Dixon: [to a dying Dale] Sorry, brother.

Better Angels [2.12][edit]

Rick: Dale could-- could get under your skin. He sure got under mine, because he wasn't afraid to say exactly what he thought, how he felt. That kind of honesty is rare and brave. Whenever I'd make a decision, I'd look at Dale. He'd be looking back at me with that look he had. We've all seen it one time or another. I couldn't always read him, but he could read us. He saw people for who they were. He knew things about us-- The truth Who we really are. In the end, he was talking about losing our humanity. He said this group was broken. The best way to honor him is to unbreak it. Set aside our differences and pull together, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives Our safety our future. We're not broken. We're gonna prove him wrong. From now on We're gonna do it his way. That is how we honor Dale.

Andrea: [to Rick who is trying to put controls down in the group] You want me to babysit Shane?

Rick Grimes: What happened to Dale had nothing to do with you.
Carl Grimes: He died, Dad.
Rick Grimes: Yeah, feels like there's a lot of that going around. That's why I need you.

Rick Grimes: You're gonna kill me in cold blood? Screw my wife? Have my children-- my children-- call you daddy? Is that what you want? That life won't be worth a damn. I know you. You won't be able to live with this.
Shane Walsh: What you know about what I can live with? You got no idea what I can live with, what I live with!

Rick Grimes': [last words spoken to Shane as he stabs him in the chest] You did this to us! This was you, not me! NOT ME!

Beside the Dying Fire [2.13][edit]

Rick Grimes': We're all infected.
Daryl Dixon: What?
Rick Grimes': At the C.D.C., Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it.
Carol Peletier: And you never said anything?
Rick Grimes': Would it have made a difference?
Glenn Rhee: You knew this whole time?
Rick Grimes': How could I have known for sure? You saw how crazy that mo-
Glenn Rhee: That is not your call. Okay, when I found about the Walkers in the barn, I told, for the good of everyone.
Rick Grimes': Well, I thought it best that people didn't know.

Rick Grimes': [to Lori] I killed him. I killed Shane. He came at me. He killed Randall to get me in the woods. He planned it. I had - I had no choice. I gave him every chance... and he kept leading me further out. He pushed me, and I let him. After awhile, I knew - I knew what he was doing, what he was up to. And I kept going. I didn't stop. I could have, but... I just wanted it over. Dogging me every step of the way. Acting like I stole you and Carl, like... like I was in the way. I just wanted it over. I wanted him dead. I killed him. He turned. That's how I knew Jenner was right. Carl put him down.

Maggie Greene: I'm not sitting here, waiting for another herd to blow through. We need to move, now.
Rick Grimes': No one is going anywhere.
Carol Peletier: Do something.
Rick Grimes': I am doing something! I'm keeping this group together. Alive! I've been doing that all along, no matter what; I didn't ask for this! I killed my best friend for you people, for Christ sake! You saw how he was like. How he pushed me, how he compromised us, how he threatened us. He staged the whole Randall thing, led me out to put a bullet in my back. He gave me no choice! He was my friend, but he came after me. My hands are clean. Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead. I say there's a place for us, but maybe- maybe it's just another pipe dream. Maybe- Maybe I'm fooling myself again. Why don't- why don't you go out and find yourself. Send me a postcard! Go on, there's the door. You can do better. Lets see how far you get. No takers? Fine. But get one thing straight... you're staying. This isn't a democracy anymore.

Season 3 (2012 - 2013)[edit]

Seed [3.01][edit]

Lori Grimes: The baby is about to be here and we need to talk-
Rick Grimes: About what?
Lori Grimes: Things. We've been avoiding them-
Rick Grimes: You want to talk? Talk to Hershel. I'm doing stuff, Lori. Things.

Sick [3.02][edit]

Rick Grimes: Yeah I got it. I got it. Shit happens.
Daryl Dixon: Easy now.

Walk with Me [3.03][edit]

The Governor: Welcome to Woodbury.

Andrea: What's your name?
The Governor: I never tell.
Andrea: Never say never.
The Governor: Never.

Killer Within [3.04][edit]

Lori Grimes: [to Carl] You are going to beat this world, I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave, and I love you. You gotta do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So, so, if it feels wrong don't do it, alright? If it feels easy don't do it, don't let this world spoil you. You're so good, my sweet boy. Best thing I ever did and I love you, I love you. My sweet, sweet, boy I love you.

Say the Word [3.05][edit]

Hounded [3.06][edit]

Merle Dixon: Look at this. She sent us a biter-gram, y'all.

Daryl Dixon: You know, my mom, she liked her wine. She liked to smoke in bed. Virginia Slims. I was playing out with the kids in the neighborhood. I could do that with Merle gone. They had bikes, I didn't. We heard sirens getting louder. They jumped on their bikes, ran after it, you know, hoping to see something worth seeing. I ran after them, but I couldn't keep up. I ran around a corner and saw my friends looking at me. Hell, I saw everybody looking at me. Fire trucks everywhere. People from the neighborhood. It was my house they were there for. It was my mom in bed burnt down to nothing. That was the hard part. You know, she was just gone. Erased. Nothing left of her. People said it was better that way. I don't know. Just made it seem like it wasn't real, you know?
Carl Grimes: I shot my mom. She was out. Hadn't turned yet. I ended it. It was real. I'm sorry about your mom.
Daryl Dixon: I'm sorry about yours.

When the Dead Come Knocking [3.07][edit]

Made to Suffer [3.08][edit]

The Governor: What happened tonight is horrible. We haven't have a day like that since the wall was built. I failed in my duty. I should say that we're going be OK, and we're safe we will bury our dead tomorrow and watch TV on the sofa. But I won't. Because I can't. Cause I'm afraid. I'm afraid that the terrorists want what we have! They want to destroy us! And worst. Because one of those terrorists is one of our own. Merle! The man I counted on! Man I trusted. He brought them here! He let them in. How could you! You lied! He betrayed us all! This is one of the terrorists huh. Merle's own brother! So what should we do with them, huh?
Woodbury Crowd: Kill them!!!
The Governor: What? What do you want?
Woodbury Crowd: Kill them!!!
The Governor: You wanted your brother. Now you got him.

The Suicide King [3.09][edit]

The Governor: When I asked you where your loyalty was you said it was here. Well prove it. Prove it to us all. Brother against brother. The winner goes free. A fight, to the death!

Home [3.10][edit]

Merle Dixon: I can't go with you, I... I tried to kill that black bitch. Damn nearly killed that Chinese kid.
Daryl Dixon: He's Korean.
Merle Dixon: Whatever. Doesn't matter man I just can't go with you.

I Ain't Judas [3.11][edit]

Merle Dixon: You're the farmer, Hershel.
Hershel Greene: And you're the black sheep, Merle.

Clear [3.12][edit]

Arrow on the Doorpost [3.13][edit]

The Governor: I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer.
Rick Grimes: Either way, I don't pretend to be a governor.

Prey [3.14][edit]

Michonne: [in reference to her Walker "pets"] They deserve what they got. They weren't human to begin with.

This Sorrowful Life [3.15][edit]

Merle Dixon: You know something? You're right. I don't know why I do the things I do. Never did. I'm a damn mystery to me.

Merle Dixon: Maybe these people need somebody like me around, huh? Do their dirty work. The bad guy.

Merle Dixon: You got to play the hand you're dealt. I only got one.
Michonne: You talk about the weight of what you have to do, how you can handle it. A bad man, someone truly evil? They're light as a feather. They don't feel a thing.

[The Governor has subdued Merle, and draws his gun]
Merle Dixon: I ain't gonna beg. I ain't begging you!
The Governor: No. [shoots Merle]

Welcome to the Tombs [3.16][edit]

The Governor: [to Milton] I told you to kill her but you didn't. And now you're gonna turn and you're gonna tear away the flesh from her bones. In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill.

Season 4 (2013-2014)[edit]

30 Days Without an Accident [4.01][edit]

Carl Grimes: You didn't wake me up.
Rick Grimes: I knew you were up all night reading comics with a flashlight.

Daryl Dixon: Smells good.
Carol Peletier: Just so you know, I liked you first.
Daryl Dixon: Stop. You know, Rick brought in a lot of them, too.
Carol Peletier: Not recently. Give the stranger sanctuary, keep people fed, you're gonna have to learn to live with the love.

Patrick: [to Daryl] Uh, Mr. Dixon? I just want to say thank you for bringing that deer back yesterday. It was a real treat, sir. And I'd be honored to shake your hand. [Daryl licks his fingers then shakes Patrick's hand]

Infected [4.02][edit]

Rick Grimes: Wasn't much use without my gun.
Daryl Dixon: No, you were. All this time you've taking off, you earned it. We wouldn't be here without you.
Rick Grimes: It was all of us.
Daryl Dixon: No, it was you first. You gonna help us figure this out?
Rick Grimes: I screwed up too many times. Those calls you gotta make, I start down that road... I almost lost my boy - who he was. Whatever else this place needs, I'm here for it.
Daryl Dixon: Like I said, you earned it. But for what it's worth, you see mistakes. I see when the shit hits, you're standing there with a shovel.

Isolation [4.03][edit]

Daryl Dixon: I'm gonna take a group out. Best not waste any more time.
Michonne: I'm in.
Hershel Greene: You've haven't been exposed. Daryl has. You get in the car with him...
Michonne: He's already given me fleas.

Indifference [4.04][edit]

Daryl Dixon: Those douchebags in the vines took themselves out, holding hands, kumbaya-style.
Bob Stookey: They wanted to go out together same as they lived. That makes them douchebags?
Daryl Dixon: It does if they could have gotten out.

Internment [4.05][edit]

Hershel Greene: Some council meeting, huh?
Sasha: We're two members short.
Hershel Greene: I think we should make some new rules before they get back. I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. First we have to find some spaghetti.

Tyreese: How's Glenn doing?
Hershel Greene: He made it through the night. He's breathing on his own now. Maggie and Bob are with him. He seems stable enough for me to get some air.
Daryl Dixon: He's a tough son of a bitch.
Hershel Greene: He is.
Daryl Dixon: You're a tough son of a bitch.
Hershel Greene: I am.

Live Bait [4.06][edit]

Megan Chambler: [Holding up a pawn] What's this one called?
The Governor: That's a pawn. They're your soldiers.
Megan Chambler: Do they die?
The Governor: Sometimes.
Megan Chambler: Do you lose if they die?
The Governor: [Glances in the bedroom] No, not necessarily. You can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game.
[Megan holds up the king]
The Governor: That's the king. That's the guy you want to capture.
[Megan goes to the kitchen counter, returns with a Sharpie]
The Governor: What're you doing?
Megan Chambler: You'll see.
[Megan uses Sharpie on the king pieces, then holds up the king with eye patch markings]
Megan Chambler: Looks like you.
The Governor: Yeah.
[Phillip chuckles, admires the king piece]
The Governor: Come on, let's play.
The Governor: [Setting up chess pieces] See, these are pawns...

Dead Weight [4.07][edit]

The Governor: You can't think forever. Sooner or later, you've got to make a move.
Megan Chambler: You never let me win anyway.
The Governor: Well, that wouldn't be winning. That's what my daddy used to say. He used to beat me at chess, too. Heck, he used to beat me at everything.
Megan Chambler: Was your dad mean?
The Governor: Sometimes.
Megan Chambler: Were you bad?
The Governor: Sometimes.

Pete Dolgen: Man, what happened here? I mean, what the hell is going on in this cabin? Were they storing those biters?
Caesar Martinez: They were his wife and kid, man.
Pete Dolgen: No, they were biters. What about those heads?
Caesar Martinez: Belonged to the guys who did the wrong thing to the wrong man.
The Governor: Probably best not think too much about it.
Mitch Dolgen: Better listen to One Eye Bri, Pete. I can never tell if he's winking or blinking. But you know how to regulate. Don't you, Bri? He was always like this, Martinez?
Caesar Martinez: Oh, yeah. Ice in the veins. You should have seen him back in the day.

Mitch Dolgen: End of the world don't mean shit when you got a tank.
Pete Dolgen: I was Army, too. Stationed out of Fort Benning. Stayed for a while after it all started.
Mitch Dolgen: That's my Pete. He's too loyal to bounce.

The Governor: I remember the first smoke I ever had. Me and my brother huddled in the garage puffing on one of my dad's Lucky Strikes. He must have smelled the smoke, because he came barging in looking to beat up on us. But my brother got between us. Said he stole them. Wasn't true. It was me. But that was my brother. Hero. He got two black eyes and a broken rib for that. And I got beat anyway.

Too Far Gone [4.08][edit]

Glenn Rhee: I could use a vacation. Get away. Just for a weekend.
Maggie Greene: Yeah.
Glenn Rhee: You know, our anniversary is coming up.
Maggie Greene: It is?
Glenn Rhee: One of these days.
Maggie Greene: You've ever been to Amicalola Falls? Tallest waterfalls in Georgia.
Glenn Rhee: Mm-mmm.
Maggie Greene: My Dad took me there when I was little. When we were up there, all the way at the top looking down, I felt like I was flying.
Glenn Rhee: I'll go load up the station wagon.

Hershel Greene: If you understand what it's like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else's?
The Governor: Because they aren't mine.

The Governor: Rick! Come down here. We need to talk.
Rick Grimes: It's not up to me. There's a council now. They run this place.
The Governor: Is Hershel on the council? What about Michonne? She on the council, too?
Rick Grimes: I don't make decisions anymore.
The Governor: You're making the decisions today, Rick. Come down here. Let's have that talk.

Rick Grimes: [points to Alisha] You. You in the ponytails. Is this what you want? Is this what any one of you want?
Mitch Dolgen: What we want is what you got. Period. Time for you to leave, asshole.
Rick Grimes: Look, I fought him before. And after, we took in his old friends. They've become leaders in what we have here. Now you put down your weapons, walk through those gates you're one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone who's alive right now. Everyone who's made it this far. We've all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We're not too far gone. We get to come back. I know we all can change.
[The Governor looks at Michonne's sword, and there is a tense pause]
The Governor: [quietly] Liar.

[decapitates Hershel]

Rick Grimes: NO! [draws his revolver & fires at the Governor]

The Governor: Go through the fences. Get in your cars, get your guns. We go in, kill them all!

Rick Grimes: Don't look back, Carl. Just keep walking.

After [4.09][edit]

Carl Grimes: I tied the door shut.
Rick Grimes: We don't need to take any chances.
Carl Grimes: You don't think it'll hold?
Rick Grimes: Carl.
Carl Grimes: It's a strong knot. Clove hitch. Shane taught me. Remember him?
Rick Grimes: Yeah, I remember him. I remember him every day.

Inmates [4.10][edit]

Beth Greene: [writing in her diary] Hey. I know it's been a while. I'm gonna be honest, I forgot about you. After the farm, we were always moving. But something happened. Something good. Finally. We found a prison. Daddy thinks that we can make it into a home. He says we can grow crops in the field, find pigs and chickens, stop running, stop scavenging. Lori's baby is just about due. She'll need a safe place when it comes. The rest of us, we just need a safe place to be. I woke up in my own bed yesterday. My own bed in my own room. But I've been keeping my backpack. Keeping my gun close. I've been afraid to get my hopes up thinking we can actually stay here. The thing is, I've been starting to get afraid that it's easier just to be afraid. But this morning Daddy said something. If you don't have hope, what's the point of living? So I unpacked my bag and I found you. So I'm gonna start writing in you again. And I'm gonna write this down now because you should write down wishes to make them come true. We can live here. We can live here for the rest of our lives.

Tara Chambler: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Brian, that man, told us you were bad people. I know it's not true. I can see it's not, so what we did, what I did I mean, I'm a piece of shit. Why would you want my help?
Glenn Rhee: I don't want it, I need it. I have to find Maggie.
Tara Chambler: Who's Maggie?
Glenn Rhee: She's my wife.
Tara Chambler: You guys got separated?
Glenn Rhee: I was on the bus and then I got off to help and she didn't see me.
Tara Chambler: How do you know if she made it?
Glenn Rhee: I don't know. But Hershel, Maggie's father, was a great man. And he told me all I had to do was believe, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Claimed [4.11][edit]

Abraham Ford: Son of a dick.

Still [4.12][edit]

Beth Greene: So you want to spend the rest of our lives staring into a fire and eating mud snakes? Screw that.

Beth Greene: [to Daryl] I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I'm not Michonne. I'm not Carol. I'm not Maggie. I've survived and you don't get it 'cause I'm not like you or them. But I made it and you don't get to treat me like crap just because you're afraid.

Daryl Dixon: Merle had this dealer. This janky little white guy. A tweaker. One day we were over at his house watching TV. Wasn’t even noon yet and we were all wasted. Merle was high. We were watching this show and Merle was talking all this dumb stuff about it. And he wouldn’t let up. Merle never could. Turns out it was the tweaker’s kid’s favorite show. And he never sees his kids, so he felt guilty about it or something. So he punches Merle in the face. So I started hitting the tweaker like, hard. As hard as I can. Then he pulls a gun, sticks it right here. He says, "I’m gonna kill you, bitch." So Merle pulls his gun on him. Everyone’s yelling. I’m yelling. I thought I was dead. Over a dumb cartoon about a talking dog. The tweaker punched me in the gut. I puked. They both started laughing and forgot all about it.

Alone [4.13][edit]

Joe: A bowman. I respect that. See a man with a rifle, he could have been some kind of photographer or a soccer coach back in the day. But a bowman’s a bowman through and through.

Joe: Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?

The Grove [4.14][edit]

Lizzie Samuels: Did you have kids?
Carol Peletier: I did. A kid. A daughter.
Lizzie Samuels: What was she like?
Carol Peletier: She was sweet. She didn't have a mean bone in her body.
Lizzie Samuels: Is that why she isn't here now?

Mika Samuels: When we were giving them names, we were just pretending things weren't bad. Things are bad. Those things, they're bad. They are. We can't pretend anymore.
Lizzie Samuels: I'm not pretending. You were.

Tyreese: The whole world is haunted now.

Us [4.15][edit]

Eugene Porter: I'm well aware it sounds bananas. But looking at the fossil record, knowing what I know about this infection, you cannot say for certain it isn't what killed off the dinosaurs. Now, do I believe that's what happened? No. But it's enjoyable as hell to think about an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus. That there is a video game worth a pre-order.

Joe: See, going it alone, that ain't an option nowadays. Still, it is survival of the fittest. That's a paradox right there. So I laid out some rules of the road to keep things from going Darwin every couple hours. Keep our merry band together and stress-free. All you got to do is claim. That's how you mark your territory, your prey, your bed at night. One word, claimed.

Daryl Dixon: There ain't no us.
Joe: You leaving right now? No? Then it sure seems like there's an us.You a cat person, Daryl? I am. Loved 'em since I was three years old. Vicious creatures. Anyway, I'll tell you, and this is true, ain't nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he's an indoor cat.

Joe: [with regard to Len] Well teach him a lesson, gents. He's a lying sack of shit. I'm sick of it. Teach him all the way.

Joe: Seems to me like things are finally starting to fall together. At least for guys like us.

A [4.16][edit]

Joe: [to Rick] Look, we can settle this. We're reasonable men. First, we're gonna beat Daryl to death. Then we'll have the girl. Then the boy. Then I'm gonna shoot you and then we'll be square.

Joe: [to Rick] What the hell are you gonna do now, sport?
[Rick lunges forward and rips open Joe's throat with his teeth, killing him]
Dan: [holds Carl at knifepoint] I'll kill him!
Michonne: [to Dan while aiming a revolver at him] Let the boy go.
Rick Grimes: [to Michonne as he prepares to gut Carl's captor] He's MINE.

Michonne: We went to a refugee camp. Andre and my boyfriend Mike, that was Andre's father, and our friend Terry. At the camp, it just got worse and worse. People were leaving. People giving up. But I didn't. I was coming back from a run. I saw the fences were down. I heard the moans. It was over. And Mike and Terry, they were high when it happened. They were bit. Could have stopped it. Could have killed them. But I let them turn. I made it so they couldn't bite, couldn't scratch. I tied chains around their necks. It was insane. It was sick. It felt like what I deserved, dragging them around so that I would always know. I found out that they kept me safe. They hid me. The walkers didn't see me anymore. I was just another monster.

Rick Grimes: They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out...
Abraham Ford: Find out what?
Rick Grimes: They're screwin' with the wrong people.

Season 5 (2014)[edit]

No Sanctuary [5.01][edit]

Gareth: We were trying to do something good. We were being human beings.
Alex: What are we now, Gareth?

Rick: [to Gareth] There's a compound bow and a machete with a red handle. That's what I'm gonna use to kill you.

Martin: I don't have any friends. I mean, I know people. They're just assholes I stay alive with.

Mary: The signs they were real. It was a sanctuary. People came and took this place.
Carol: Just tell me where--
Mary: - And they raped and they killed and they laughed over weeks. But we got out and we fought and we got it back. And we heard the message: you're the butcher or you're the cattle.

Eugene Porter: I'm not fleet of foot. I sure as hell can't take a dead one down with sharp buttons and hella confidence.

Strangers [5.02][edit]

Gabriel Stokes: I have no weapons of any kind. The word of God is the only protection I need.

Gabriel Stokes: I'm a sinner. I sin almost every day. But those sins, I confess them to God, not strangers.

Abraham Ford: I'd like to propose a toast. I look around this room and I see survivors. Each and every one of you has earned that title. To the survivors!
[everybody toasts]
Abraham Ford: Is that all you want to be? Wake up in the morning, fight the undead pricks, forage for food, go to sleep at night with two eyes open, rinse and repeat? 'Cause you can do that. I mean, you got the strength. You got the skill. Thing is, for you people, for what you can do, that's just surrender. Now, we get Eugene to Washington and he will make the dead die and the living will have this world again. And that is not a bad takeaway for a little road trip.

Abraham Ford: Come with us. Save the world for that little one. Save it for yourselves. Save it for the people out there who don't got nothing left to do except survive.

Gareth: [to Bob] Good news is you're not dead yet. That's a relief, right? But try not to read too much into the word 'yet' there. It'll just drive you crazy, Bob. I want to explain myself a little. You see, we didn't want to hurt you before. We didn't want to pull you away from your group or scare you. These aren't things that we want to do. They're things we got to do. You and your people took away our home. That's fair play. Now we're out here like everybody else trying to survive. And in order to do that, we have to hunt. Didn't start that way, eating people. It evolved into that. We evolved. We had to. And now we've devolved...into hunters. I told you, I said it. Can't go back, Bob. I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal. Yeah, you put us in this situation and it is almost kind of a cosmic justice for it to be you, but we would have done this to anybody. We will. But at the end of the day, no matter how much we hate all this ugly business...
[Bob looks down to see his leg has been amputated[
Gareth: ...a man's got to eat. [taking a bite out of a piece of meat] If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would.

Four Walls and a Roof [5.03][edit]

Bob Stookey: [to Gareth and the Hunters] I've been bitten, you stupid pricks! I'm tainted meat!

[Rick has Gareth at his mercy]
Gareth: We can walk away, and we will never cross paths again! I promise you!
Rick Grimes: But you'll cross someone's path. You'd do this to anyone, right? Besides, I already made you a promise.
Gareth: No!
[Rick kills Gareth with his machete]

Gabriel Stokes: This is the Lord's house!
Maggie Greene: No. It's just four walls and a roof.

Bob Stookey: Nightmares end. They shouldn't end who you are. And that is just this dead man's opinion.

[Rick reads the map to Washington DC that Abraham has left for him & his group]
Abraham Ford: Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The New World’s gonna need Rick Grimes.

Slabtown [5.04][edit]

Noah: [to Beth] See, they think I'm scrawny. They think I'm weak. But they don't know shit about me. About what I am. About what you are.

Joan: I guess it's easy to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price.

Steven Edwards: When everything started, Dawn reported to a guy named Hanson. They had orders to clear the hospital and move everyone to Butler Park. It was close to midnight when we heard the jets, the bombs. The screams. I was on the third floor. Dawn and Hanson's teams were doing a final sweep. And we knew it was bad. Just didn't know how bad till we came up here. The city had fallen. And everyone we evacuated...they were just...gone.

Dawn Lerner: A good man's mistakes almost ended everything for us, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that happen again. Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good. The second it isn't, the second we lose sight of that, it's all over.

Dawn Lerner: Who the hell do you think you are?
Beth Greene: He attacked me. Just like he attacked Joan. Just like you let him. You know what's happening here and you let it happen. You're letting it happen!
Dawn Lerner: So that we make it!
Beth Greene: No one's coming, Dawn! No one's coming. We're all gonna die and you let this happen for nothing.

Self Help [5.05][edit]

Eugene Porter: The smartest man I ever met happened to love my hair. My old boss, T. Brooks Ellis, the director of the Human Genome Project. He said my hair made me look like, and I quote, "a fun guy," which I am. I just ain't Samson.

Abraham Ford: Gotten to the point where everyone alive is strong now. We have to be. You're either strong and they can help you so you help them or you're strong and they can kill ya. So you gotta kill them. You gotta kill them and...[sighs] I want to say it's never easy. That's not the truth. It's the easiest thing in the world now.

Eugene Porter: [to Tara] I appreciate the positive affirmations and looking the other way on the perversion, but I know empirically and definitively I cannot survive on my own.

Tara Chambler: [to Eugene] Welcome to the human race, asshole.

Maggie Greene: I know why you have the haircut.
Eugene Porter: I told you, it's 'cause I like it.
Maggie Greene: I believe that. I like it, too. I think you like it for a reason. You're not the person people think you are. You want 'em to know who you are.
Eugene Porter: Not following you.
Maggie Greene: If you didn't have that mullet, you'd probably be like everybody else in the labs. But you're not like everybody else. I think a lot of people in your position probably woulda given up, but you didn't.
Eugene Porter: There were people-- a lot of them along the way-- they made sure I didn't give up. It wasn't me remotely.
Maggie Greene: It was. You started this thing. And you're not like Samson. He was kind of a mess.
Eugene Porter: Not following you.
Maggie Greene: Well, his story goes that one day when a lion attacked him, God gave him strength and he tore it apart. Then he goes back one day, he's by himself, and he sees that bees have made a hive in the carcass. So later he tells this riddle to people. "Out of the eater, something to eat. Out of the strong, something sweet." And I always thought, "How the hell are people supposed to know the answer when it's just about his own life? When the only place the answer is, is in his own head?"

Consumed [5.06][edit]

Carol Peletier: You said we get to start over.
Daryl Dixon: Yeah.
Carol Peletier: Did you?
Daryl Dixon: I'm tryin'. Why don't you say what's really on your mind?
Carol Peletier: I don't think we get to save people anymore.
Daryl Dixon: Then why are you here?
Carol Peletier: I'm tryin'.

Daryl Dixon: Some days, I don't know what the hell to think.

Carol Peletier: I don't know if I believe in God anymore or heaven, but if I'm going to hell, I'm making damn sure I'm holding it off as long as I can.

Noah: We can get her back. We can get Beth back.
Daryl Dixon: What's it gonna take?
Noah: A lot. They got guns, people.
Daryl Dixon: So do we.



[Having successfully exchanged Beth and Carol for Officers' Shepherd and Licari, Rick's group make to leave the exchange]
Officer Dawn Lerner: Now I just need Noah... [Rick freezes] And then you can leave.
Rick Grimes: [turning and advancing on her] That wasn't part of the deal.
Dawn: Noah was my ward. Beth took his place, and I'm losing her, so I need him back.
Officer Shepherd: Ma'am, please -
Dawn: Shut up! My officers put their lives on the line to find him. One of them died.
[Noah moves forward, but Daryl angrily puts a hand on his shoulder and goes to flank Rick]
Daryl Dixon: He's staying.
Dawn: He's one of mine. You have no claim on him.
Rick: The boy wants to go home, so you have no claim on him.
Dawn: Well then, we don't have a deal.
Rick: The deal is done!
Noah: [approaching] I-it's okay.
Rick: [stopping him] No. No!
Noah: I gotta do it. [hands Rick his gun]
Beth Greene: It's not okay.
Dawn: It's settled.
[Noah walks towards Dawn's group]
Beth: Wait!
[She goes and throws her arms around him]
Noah: It is okay.
Dawn: [gloatingly] I knew you'd be back.
[This comment visibly unsettles Beth. She releases Noah, who walks past Dawn towards her team, but does not return to her group, and instead walks right up to Dawn and looks her dead in the eyes]
Beth: [coldly] I get it now.
[She leans slightly to the left, sliding the scissors she'd stashed in her cast out into her hand, and plunges them into Dawn's left shoulder, causing her to accidentally fire her gun, shooting Beth in the head and killing her instantly, to the horror of everyone. Realising what she's done, Dawn desperately utters "No, please, I didn't mean to!" but a distraught Daryl is having none of it; he immediately pulls his pistol out and shoots Dawn dead. Both groups draw their guns on each other]
Officer Shepherd: No! HOLD YOUR FIRE! [To Rick's group] It's over! It was just about her. Stand down.
[Everyone lowers their guns, except for Daryl. Carol quickly comes up and pushes his arm down; he begins to sob and looks down at Beth's body]

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