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The X's is an American animated television series created by Carlos Ramos about a family of spies, who must hide their identity from the outside world, but sometimes have a little trouble in doing so. The series aired from November 25, 2005 until December 13, 2006.

AAIIEE, Robot [1.1][edit]

Mr. X: Kids, if I told you once, I told you a thousand times. There's only one thing to do with a villians secret base. Destroy, Destroy!
Robomom: (out of control) Destroy!
Mr. X: Oh no!

Tuesday X: (to Mrs. X, after she breaks her foot) Home Base says you'll be on your feet in no time.
Home Base: Actually, I said six-to-ten weeks.
Tuesday X: Home Base ...

Mission: Irresponsible [1.2][edit]

Truman: I can't believe you guys stayed up all night playing Moon Raider 7.
Tuesday: That is so irresponsible.
Mr. X: Young lady! As team leader I will not have my decisions questioned!

Photo Ops [1.3][edit]

Home Base: X's!!! I regret to inform you that SUPERIOR is furious! Once again, you've nearly blown your cover. They insist that you immediately do something to prove that you can act like a normal family, or, you will all be fired!
Tuesday: (gesturing around the living room) How are we ever gonna act like a normal family?! I mean, look at this place! Normal families don't have a remote control with a launch button! Normal families don't have exploding lawn gnomes! Normal families don't have portraits of themselves fighting giant robot squids!

Boy's Best Friend [1.4][edit]

Mr. Fix It [1.5][edit]

Doommates [1.6][edit]

Truman: You think I'm little?

Tuesday: well, you're so... (thinks something)

Truman: what?

Tuesday: nothing

Truman: what?

Tuesday:no, nothing

Truman: (crying) what? what? what?

Secret Agent Manual [1.7][edit]

Truman and Mrs.X: Yeah (Them give five but Mrs.X accidentally sends Truman flying)

Mrs.X: (to Truman) oh, sorry, honey, you're okay?

The Spy Who Liked Me [1.8][edit]

Truman: (after his family admits that Brandon likes them) Are you crazy, people, he's a snafu agent and... (Tuesday blasts him with the laser of truth) he's super cool! I want to be his partner!

To Err Is Truman [1.9][edit]

No More Mrs. Nice X [1.10][edit]

Mrs X: What is it and where does it hate to be kicked? Mr X: COCKAROACH! I HATE COCKAROACHES!!!!!!! MRS X: Insect, it looks like you've picked the wrong kitchen to mess with!

On Her Majesty's Postal Service [1.11][edit]

Pinheads [1.12][edit]

From Crusha with Love [1.13][edit]

Xcitement [1.14][edit]

You Only Sneeze Twice [1.15][edit]

X Takes a Holiday [1.16][edit]

Mock Tutors [1.17][edit]

Meddle Mouth [1.18][edit]

Family Issues [1.19][edit]

Truman's Choice [1.20][edit]

Wealth vs. Stealth [1.21][edit]

Wee House [1.22][edit]

Truman X: Super Villian [1.23][edit]

Truman Scorned [1.24][edit]

Y's Up [1.25][edit]

Quit Your Day Job [1.26][edit]

Missing Home [1.27][edit]

Live and Let Diaper [1.28][edit]


"*Sniff Sniff* Ewwwwwww -Snafu (after smelling babies diaper)

In-Law Enforcement [1.29][edit]

Train Rex [1.30][edit]

Homebody [1.31][edit]

The Haunting of Home Base [1.32][edit]

Mrs X: Who'd ever thought Halloween could scary? Mr X: (whimpering)At least there's no giant cockaroaches. (cuts to Glowface's lair) Glowface:GIANT COCKAROACHES!?!?! Why didn't I think of that? (Presses button on remote control)BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (X'S home:Giant cockroaches come of of nowhere)MR X:AHHHH!COCKAROACHES!!!!!!!!!!

Accidental Hero [1.33][edit]

Untied [1.34][edit]

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