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Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore (born July 25, 1958, in Coral Gables, Florida) is the singer and guitarist for noise rock band Sonic Youth.


From "1991: The Year Punk Broke"[edit]

  • "Tonight I am going to defecate on stage because I think that is the only way to express the nature of my soul according to rock and roll."
  • "People of the universe... tonight, tonight will be night that the skies will open and spray forth the divine hand with pointed finger and say, "Everybody, you're not just a duck! -- you are human! YOU ARE HUMAN!" Go forth! Go forth and thrash!"
  • "Destroy the record companies. Do you not agree?"
  • "To me... I need this elixir of... skinhead violence" (When asked about his soup)
  • "...and I'm just gonna get a shotgun, and just do it. Just do it, baby." (During interview)
  • "I consider myself more... fucked up than I could ever imagine myself being!"
  • "Can't... take... anymore" (Overwhelmed by talking gorilla robots)
  • "Like an arm holding a baby's apple"
  • "My mind is turning into kind of a fine gelatinous ball of pepper"


  • "Thank you all for coming out tonight.... and if you have any money left, you can buy one of our T-shirts.... but whatever you the right thing!"
  • "This song is called "We're Sonic Youth and You're Steve Albini!" 1-2-3-4!"
  • "It's like growing up on stage.... or like throwing up on stage." -about the soundcheck, Salt Lake City, UT, August 2009


  • "With these reissues, listening to these tapes, it seemed very crude to me. There's no way I'd ever want to play like that again."
  • "We're like old people now playing music. I'm so glad we stuck it out because it's a lot better. I used to feel kind of anxious. Now our apprenticeship is over."
  • "We always try to encourage more songs sung by Kim, because there are always requests for it. I certainly don't want to ball hog all the singing."
  • "Rock 'n' roll saved my soul."
  • "Some of the most wonderful moments for me musically were machine made and plastic."
  • "I certainly don't sit around in the morning making pancakes listening to Whitehouse or anything."
  • "Hits are for squares."
  • "People say Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles. I don't know. I'm glad if she did. She should have broken up the Rolling Stones while she was at it."
  • "I'm hungry! I'm hungry, and I could eat a pig's head!"
  • "I was pissed with puke globbing out of my nose."
  • ""I saw some band who had a poster for a show with the line 'The Sex Pistols weren't enough'.. I told Glenn [Branca] about it and he said, 'The Sex Pistols were MORE than enough!' ..... That's when I knew I had to get away from the old men in the scene."

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