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Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is an American sketch comedy television series, created by and starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which premiered February 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim comedy block Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Fact Sheet and ran until May 2010.

Season 1[edit]

Dads [1.1][edit]

Announcer: And now, the only married news team in the tri-county area, Jan and Wayne Skylar! With Special news correspondent, Dr. Steve Brule.
'Dr. Steve Brule: 'I'm not ready. I'm not ready yet.
Jan and Wayne Skylar (singing): Princess grew up little
Wayne Skylar: Back to you Steve.
Jan Skylar: Someone tell him we're live. Steve, back to you.
Wayne Skylar: Steve Brule!
Dr. Steve Brule: I'm sorry. Jan. I'm not ready. We don't have the fruit.

Friends [1.2][edit]

Cat [1.3][edit]

Salame [1.4][edit]

Chunky [1.5][edit]

Slop [1.6][edit]

Tragg (played by Fred Willard): Slop in the morning, slop in the evening, slop for supper time. Slop 'till ya' drop, kids!

Abstinence [1.7][edit]

Cinco Banking System: Do you live in a hole or a boat?

Eric Wareheim: Neither.

Cinco Banking System: Okay, I didn't get that. I think you chose BOAT. Is that right?

Eric Wareheim: No!

Cinco Banking System: Okay. Let's move on. Is your BOAT a C-Class Licensed Boat or is your boat used for commercial fishing?

Cinco Banking System: Okay. I think you've chosen COMMERCIAL FISHING. Now I'm going to need your boat's name.

Eric Wareheim: What is going on here?

Cinco Banking System: Okay. I think you've said: TAARGUS. Is this correct?

Eric Wareheim: What?? No!!

Cinco Banking System: Just to make sure I've gotten all the information correct, I'm going to need to confirm a few more things.

Eric Wareheim: Hello?? I need some help please....

Cinco Banking System: You new name is: ERIC TAARGUS. Is this correct?

Cinco Banking System: Okay. I'll go ahead and make that change.

Cinco Banking System: Great. I've made the change. Your wife's new legal name is: TAARGUS TAARGUS. Is this okay?

Eric Wareheim: No!!!!!

Cinco Banking System: Great. We're sending her the following VHS tape. You've chosen: PIZZA BOY.

Eric Wareheim: Excuse me! My wife can't get this in the mail...

Anniversary [1.8][edit]

Grum [Singing]: I like crackers and snacks, crackers and snacks, crackers and snacks. I like crackers and snacks, crackers and snacks, crackers and snaaaacks.

Hamburger [1.9][edit]

Missing [1.10][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Live in Vegas [2.1][edit]

Vacation [2.2][edit]

Eric: You look like a man I could be a best friend with

Tim: "It took a lotta guts"

Raz: "Shells on the neck, shells on the wrist / Now string 'em all up / Get the shells on the ankles / Underwater camera, disposable camera!"

Dad's Off [2.3][edit]

Tim Heidecker: "You're a great son, probably one of the best."

Spagett : "Spagett!"

Dolls [2.4][edit]

Palmer Scott:
This is what I do,
This is what I do.
This is what I do, I sit on you.

Coma [2.5][edit]

Forest [2.6][edit]

Tairy Greene: Shhh... SHUT UP! It's time for snuggle...

Carol [2.7][edit]

Mr. Henderson: "How many breakfasts did you have this morning?"

Carol: "Just the one, sir."

Mr. Henderson: "Looks like you had about 4 or 5, lookin like a burrito this morning."

Mr. Henderson: "Lar, whaddya say, poke or no poke?

Larry: "Definitely no poke."

Mr. Henderson: "Hear that Carol? No one wants to do ya, you're a waste."

Robin [2.8][edit]

Innernette [2.9][edit]

Jeff Goldblum (Advertising for the Jeffgoldbluman Group): It's a sizzler. Please watch.

Molly: This is magnificent, James.

David Cross (as James, creator of PussyDoodles): Why thank you, Molly.

Molly: Love what you've done with the colors-

James [covering Molly's mouth with his hand]: SHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone. It's just my Pussy-Dooo'les.

Eric Wareheim: "Wait a second Tim, what about all my e-worms and e-mail viruses?"

Pepperoni [2.10][edit]

Embarrassed [2.11][edit]

Cinco Voiceover: If D'ump detects a Bear in the area, it just shuts down!
[Two young boys stare at their D'ump contraption for an estranged period of time. D'ump is entirely unresponsive.]

Eric Wareheim [pointing at a naked baby picture of Tim]: ..Hey, Who's this?
Tim Heidecker [Blushing a bit]: Yeah, well that's my mom. So-
Eric Wareheim: Yeah, but what's this. [Points at Tim's small wiener in the picture]
Tim Heidecker [Glowing Red]: ...That's my Penis.

Eric Wareheim: For one thing, Tim was an average sized man.

Dr. Steve Brule: (inebriated) That's our Show! (pulls cloth off the table, spilling all of the wine)

Season 3[edit]

Awesome Tour Live [3.1][edit]

Resurrection [3.2][edit]

Chan [3.3][edit]

Rascals [3.4][edit]

Eric Wareheim: You killed my RASCAL!
Tim Heidecker [Sobbing, turning away]: NO I DIDN'T!

Spagett [3.5][edit]

C.O.R.B.S. [3.6][edit]

Tan Man: "Me, me, I'm a tan man and a boatman."

Jim and Derrick [3.7][edit]

Jim Heckler: You've been bonged!

Jazz [3.8][edit]

Eric: Because kids do not like jazz-
Tim: Nor should they

Muscles For Bones [3.9][edit]

Larry [3.10][edit]

(Larry opens fire on Mr. Henderson; Carol takes the bullet and slumps to the ground)

Mr. Henderson: Ya blew it.

Brownies [3.11][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Snow [4.1][edit]

The episode opens to a typical 1980s sitcom format. Tim and Eric are singing the lyrics to the show. They are as follows: "Life is strange, You don't need a woman to tell you, And though we fly on the wings of change, You know we're together for good."

The show was created by J. Allen Griz. Executive Producers are: J. Allen Griz, Brayne Varner and Corby Tender.

Balls [4.2][edit]

Universe [4.3][edit]

Eric: I do this every night with your son. (credits roll)

Road Trip [4.4][edit]

Tim Heidecker [Driving van, talking via Phone]: Pack up your things, Buddy. We're goin' on a lil' road Trip.
Eric Wareheim [Smiling]: Road Trip.
Tim Heidecker: Mhm Heh heh, Road trip!
Eric Wareheim: Road Trip!
Tim Heidecker[Screaming]: ROAD TRIP!
Eric Wareheim: Roooaadd trip! [Packs his Suitcase] Reewdtraap! Reewdtraaap! Rooooaaaaddd Triiiiip!

Tommy [4.5][edit]

Tim Heidecker: When Tommy said we were going to be working with THE Jessica Alba, my eyes lit up in the back of my head. I said, "J..Jesc'a Alba? I.. I'm a fan of Jesssc'a Alba."

Origins [4.6][edit]

Eric Wareheim:"You know what, Tim, there's already a site e-zoos.biz....I'm sorry."

Presidents [4.7][edit]

Tim Heidecker: Premium? More like CREAMULUM.

Tim Heidecker: Rick Wareheimer wears a straw hat at home in his house - he goes outside without the hat, but if you seem in his house he does wear a small straw hat.

Hair [4.8][edit]

Tim Heidecker: I hope you don't wear that bigafric'n haaaaaii.

Eric Wareheim: Ihopeidon'twearthat bigafricannnhaaaiii?

Tim Heidecker: You SWEAR you're not gonna wear that big African hat?

Eric Wareheim (Leans close to Tim's ear) : I'M NOT GONNA WEAR MY BIG AFRICAN HAT TO YOUR PARTY!

Tim Heidecker: ...Alright, you're comin'.

Brothers Cinco [4.9][edit]

i no clean. im not clean


Tennis [4.10][edit]

Eric Wareheim [3.12][edit]

"Oh my god, I can't wait."
"I hate these old men."

Casey Tatum[edit]

"Hamburgers and hot dogs too. I want to have a barbecue."
"My pep pep told me not to talk to strangers."
"I want to go on a horse and buggy ride."

Pat Dudley[edit]

"We got a show to do! Can I get a Dudley Dip? Let's go for the double dip, we can do it!"


"That's my dream, sir."

"Get in shape."

Mr. Henderson[edit]

"You look good enough for a poke."

"D'YOU MEAN, WHAT? YOU JUST WACKED HER IN THE HEAD WITH A COFFEE POT! I loved her, alright? Ya blew it. Kapeesh?"

Ron Austar[edit]

"Now think about your dad! What's your dad like? I wanna meet that dad!"
"Can't stop thinking about your dad. It just feels so right, children. You're going to give me your dad's e-mail address. I can't wait to meet your pep-pep."

The Mahanahan Brothers[edit]

Mike Mahanahan: I love you Steve!
Steve Mahanahan: I love you Mike!
Mike Mahanahan: I love you Steve! I wish you the best!
Steve Mahanahan: ....I love you Mike.

Mike Mahanahan:' Have ya' ever seen a child clown without shoes? It's DISGUSTING!


"You ever seen a leg like this?"

The Great Gregory[edit]

"And now, the rabbit in the hat, circa 2004!"

James Quall[edit]

[Impersonating Bill Cosby] "Kids say the darndest things, like... spaghetti and meatballs."
"Spaghetti and meat balls."

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