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Touch-Tone Terrorists is the name of a group of fictional characters used in a series of prank phone calls which are recorded and compiled on a series of comedy CDs, including Permanent Lapse of Reason and Customer Service Disasters.


  • Listen, listen. If we want your opinion we'll beat it out of ya.
    • Stu Jaimison, "Corrupt Phone Company", unidentified album
  • Mam, whatever the problem is here, your gripe, it's come about as a result of your own stupidity.
    • Stu Jaimison, "Corrupt Phone Company", unidentified album
  • Hey, shut the fuck up, dammit. I'm talkin' to ya, boy.
    • Junkyard Willie, "Remove Credit Card Charges", unidentified album
  • Ho the Do for the Bro with the fro at the liquor Store!
    • Clarence Washington "Ho The Do", unidentified album

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