Uptown Girls

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Uptown Girls is a 2003 drama directed by Boaz Yakin which was adapted from a story by Allison Jacobs made into a screenplay by Julia Dahl, Mo Ogrodnik and Lisa Davidowitz. It stars Brittany Murphy as a 22-year-old living a charmed life as the daughter of a famous rock and roll musician.

Every Story has an end, but in life... Every end is just a new begining!!

Molly Gunn[edit]

  • As my best friend, it is your duty to lie to me.
  • This is so 80's it makes my hair poof!
  • (listening to Ray's Mozart music) This sounds like something you'd slit your wrists to!

Ray Schleine[edit]

  • If you refuse to have a nice time with me, I am going to have fun by myself!