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Uri Geller is an Israeli performer known for claiming to have psychic powers.

On the paranormal[edit]

  • The things that always seem to work are the things that any magician can duplicate. Randi's quite right to point that out. But that's not because I'm doing a conjuring trick. You'd think that whatever causes these things to happen doesn't want them to be proved.
    • Source: Colin Wilson, The Geller Phenomenon (1976), page 120.
  • "Like I told you, I'm not a magician," he says. "If something isn't working, I don't try to guess."
    • Source: Calev Ben-David, "A Life of the Mind," The Jerusalem Report, September 8, 1994, Pg. 46
  • I'll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed.
    • Interview in Magische Welt, November 2007; cited by James Randi, "Geller Reversal", SWIFT, 18 January 2008 [1]


  • "My boss treated me like a slave and I felt completely degraded. Then, just once, I did a terrible thing - I peed in his tea! Watching him drink it, my grudges completely dissolved - I never minded making tea for him again."
    • Source: "Uri Geller recalls his pre-spoon-bending days; Interview by Rae Lewis," The Evening Standard (London), November 2, 1998