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Mega64 (2004-present) is a low-budget series of comedy skits centered on video games.

Version 1[edit]

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Life Inside A Console [1.01][edit]

Derek: Ah! No! No, no, no! I don't like that one bit!
Rocko: Uh, I wouldn't reject it, man. The guy's got the finger on 'the button'
Derek: Yeah? Well he can push the button labeled 'eat a sack of crap' is what he can do!

I Feel Asleep [1.02][edit]

Poque: Your duty as Solid Snake is to find the codec to remove the virus from the central computer. You'll find it in this grocery store establishment in the produce section. Perhaps underneath some cabbages. Oh, but do try to smell the cabbages first, I wouldn't want you digging through any unripe vegetables. I mean, that's just jacked up.
Derek: (as solid snake): I don't understand. What does this have to do with Metal Gear?
Poque: It... it doesn't. You're going to get the codec to destroy the virus, which will in turn help the supercomputer function again.
Derek: Virus codename... Metal Gear?
Poque: Wha, what... There's no Metal Gear, what are you... What are you talking about "metal gear?"
Derek: I...I'm searching for Metal Gear, I have to destroy the m-
Poque: What does that have to do with anything? Are you not listening to me?
Derek: The most advanced weapon... mankind has ever seen, it could
Poque: NO. LISTEN TO ME. LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING. THIS IS ME TIME. RIGHT?! THIS IS POQUE-O-CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!11111 GOT IT?! ALRIGHT. Find the friggin' codec! Oh God, okay, just go. I'm sick of this.

Poque [1.03][edit]

tr1gg3r s3r1ou5: I see him [Dr. Poque] in my sleep. Images... Memories that die hard. A grand creation? A masterpiece? It disgusts me. Makes me ill. I hate his creation almost as much as I hate him. I see him in my sleep. His face... it haunts my nightmares. Nightmares so wretched, that they've perverted my dreams. I don't sleep anymore. I will never rest again, not so long as I wake up in a world containing the name.

The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students [1.04][edit]

(Rick mentions he has to visit his sister in Delaware)
Horatio: You made a mistake by coming here gringo!
(Horatio kills Rick with a hammer)

Version 2[edit]

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This Story Is Happy End [2.01][edit]

Marcus: I ain't working on no weekend! I got DVDs in here![1]

And Suddenly, Ezra Didn't Feel So Alone Anymore [2.03][edit]

Rocko: It's Burger Time, bitch!

Stranger [2.06][edit]

Horatio: (to Marcus) Let me tell you something about Horatio that you probably didn't know. I. don't. do. NOTHEENG. (throws cup)
Marcus: Don't throw mah cups!

Version 3[edit]

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Delaware [3.06][edit]

FALZ man (Jay): What? The age limit bug? (laughs) You still believe that story, Poque? There's no age limit on the Mega64! We killed him ourselves! How else were we supposed to guilt you into joining us? [sits down next to Rion] You wanna know how your dad really died? We saw him using the Mega64, and we stabbed him. (laughs) Over, and over, and over. And then he vanished. You know, you've seen him...floating around, haven't you? Leaving objects behind? Bloody knives on the floor? That's him trying to speak to us, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore, does it? (shoots Rion)

Garret: We know nothing about them, but we've hid from them for years! Seven rogue men who want nothing more than to get that box back!
Rocko: You don't know who they are?
Garret: We've never seen this group assembled together, but no one has survived an encounter with even a single one of them. This group is trained in the art of killing, and we call them...The Killers.
Rocko: Like
Garret: No, you faggot!


Main article: Mega64 cast
  • Rocco Botte - Dr. Poque/Rocko Boaty
  • Derrick Acosta - Derek Ackawzdha/Horatio
  • Shawn Chatfield - Sean Chatfeild/Marcus (voice)
  • Garrett Hunter - Garret
  • Kevin Castaneda - Rick

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