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==from Wikiquote:Village pump#Attributed?

  • "Sourced" was suggested for all quotations with citations, with a recommendation to abandon
  • "Verified" as too strong a word, far too casually applied, too easily, by too many.
  • "Attributed" to be used on quotes known to be attributed to an individual or source, but without definite citations, and various options for more dubious quotations were proposed or suggested at various places:
  • "Misattributed" for quotes that were known to be wrongfully attributed to a source, and
  • "Probably spurious" where the evidence indicates that they were probably fabricated quotations (sometimes even with fabricated citations).
  • "Almost certainly spurious" has sometimes been used, where the evidence of falsehood is especially strong, and occasionally such quotations, or misattributions have been removed to the talk page, because they are not considered worthy of considiration as even possibly genuine, or correctly attributed.
  • "Quotations by others about ________" is also a recommended heading.

It is not recommended that even such quotes as are commonly misattributed to a source be deleted entirely, because we should aim at providing information that debunks false quotes, as well as that which confirms the true ones. Any more precise information or speculation about a particular quotation's origins than the various headers provide can be made in the comments beneath the quote, or sometimes on the talk page. ~ Kalki