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The problem I have with you is not the quotes might not be correct but you know full well in what context they were made. I'm not saying that I favor Mike Savage as a very tactful person but he is the only one to put the finger on where it needs to be put on. You people have to stop to use political correctness garbage to stifle freedom of speech. Way to long trash was protected under freedom of speech when in reality it means nothing else but to say what you think even if it might be contrary to someone's elses believes. Mike is saying a lot of things to be provocative but when you look under the surface he is no different than the majority of Americans who want the country to turn back to when common sense was common sense and American intersts (We the people...) came or should have come first before catering to others at the expense of American souvereignty. You don't agree, just look over to Europe with their EU. I'm German and I hate every bit of it. It's the forrunner of a one world government with all it's negative aspects. Laughable. But I'd rather listen to Mike Savage and he gives the cold facts then to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity that always seem stop shy of discrediting our President or the Rebublican party.