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Andrew A. Price (born February 13, 1989), was a South Australian student (now a banana bender), whom's life closely resembles that of an unstructured British comedy. Visit his Wikipedia user page here.



"Life is like butter. It smells when it goes off."

"If you don't try, then you'll never succeed. But then again, if you try and you fail, you'll feel like crap anyway".

"Life is full risks, so why would you risk your life? Because then without life, there would be no more risks, and therefore your life would wouldn't be worth much anymore. Not to mention that fact of you being dead."

The World[edit]

"The world is not flat nor round, it is bumpy."

"What's the point of countries combining armies if there's no one to go to war with?"

"You can't have world peace and a world without poverty, as world peace would render millions of military personel homeless."


"God is like the Matrix, we live inside of him."

"I hope God doesn't GPF."

"Thy who thinks and ponders, is thy who ponders and thinks."


"Imagine floating in a swimming pool in space. Now imagine trying to swim out of it. With no friction or gravity, the bubble of water will follow you as you try to swim away."

"Why is so much money invested into the future of fission and fusion power, when it is quite obvious that the energy sources mentioned are not considered reusable, and therefore will eventually run out. So investing in their future isn't exactly a wise move."


"It's not being cold that I love the best about winter. It's being warm while everyone else is cold!"

"I('m,'ve) [Insert good personal quality here] but you're making me [insert boring job here]? You call that job satisfaction? 'Cause I don't."

"If you pretend to be someone you're not, would it still be pretending if you've done it so many times that it's now how you normally act?"

"It's a lot easier to tell the truth, there's less to remember."

"It's not being me I love the best about being me. It's when I observe other people's lives, then compare them to my own that I become greatful I'm not them."

"He who wants may not always be he who gets. But then getting some thing that I don't want isn't that fun neither. Therefore, for me to enjoy what is given to me I must want everything."


"Mothers make the world go round. Because they sit there ordering everyone else around!"

"It's the atmosphere that counts." (When deciding one place over another.)

"If you haven't fixed it in the last 5 years, chances are you'll never fix it. Throw it away!" (Said while telling his farther to clear out the garage.)

"One plus one didn't equal two, and you thought something seemed wrong." (When someone just regonised something obviously wrong.)

"If it were not for Apple or the open source community, then Microsoft would have no motivation and we would all still be using Windows 95."

"Give him some money, he has to make a living." (Said to his parents after watching a busker.)

"Hey!" (Most used greeting.)

"Guess what?"

"You laughed when I said I'll tell you a joke, but you're not laughing now!"

"The phone was engaged. Heartbroken, I found out my bed is still single."


"You'll be a [profanity removed] billionaire by the time you're twenty." - Cameron

"There is nothing wrong with lying, just make sure you don't get caught." - Michael

"You better not say 'if he can do it I can'!" - Michael

"Well, Andrew says lots." - Tony

"Are you ready for school?" - His mother

"Stuff you, Noob!" - David

"Lol!" - David (said aloud)

"Andz....!" - Savana

"Have you finished it yet?" - Julia

Not actually said[edit]

"..." (Most used instant messaging line)