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Age: 14

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Gender: Male

Favorite Musical Groups: The Beatles, Queen, Iron Maiden, Maroon 5, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Coldplay

Favorite Movies: Amadeus, Dead Poets Society, Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta

Favorite TV Shows: House, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Firefly, All in the Family, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Oakland A's, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bears, Ohio State Buckeyes

International Travels[edit]

Spent years: Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Belgium.svg
Spent Months to Days: Flag of India.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svg Flag of Canada.svg
Spent Hours: Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Portugal.svg -
Has Plans To Go To: Flag of South Korea.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Flag of Italy.svg
Wants To Go To: Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Morocco.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Brazil.svg
Idea and layout stolen from User:Calton who stole it from User:Guettarda who borrowed it from User:Coolcat