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Pac-Man (1982-1983) (also known as Pac-Man: The Animated Series) was an American animated TV show, airing on ABC, produced by Hanna-Barbera based on the video game Pac-Man by Namco. It was also the first Hanna-Barbera animated series based on a video game.

Season 1[edit]

Presidential Pac-Nappers [1.01][edit]

[The ghosts invade the Yellow House]
Pac-President: What is the meaning of this?
Sue: It's quite simple Mr. President, you're being pac-napped.
Inky: Yeah, how does that grab you? [Chomps the Pac-President]

[Returning to headquarters after being chomped by Pac-Man]
Pinky: Hi-ya boss, you'll never guess how we messed up this time.
Mezmeron: I don't have to guess, I saw it all! On my Pac-Land spy satellite.
Pinky: [Laughing] Oh, me on TV? How did I look Mezmeron?
Mezmeron: Shut up!

Clyde: Were taking you for a little ride! [laughs evilly] and if you don't tell us were the power forest is, Pinky lets go!
Blinky: Oh, if Pinky lets go what happens to us? [sobs]
Clyde: Don't ask dumb questions!

Picnic in PacLand [1.02][edit]

Inky: [he is cooking pancakes that look like Pac-Man] Hey Clyde, how about a barbequed Pac-Pancake? They look just like Pac-Man. [eats one] Only they don't taste as good as he does.
Clyde: No thanks. I like chomping on a real thing. [a Friz bee fly's in his face] I said I don't want no pancake!
Blinky: That aint no pancake Clyde! It's a flying dog set. A slying fog set. Its a...
Sue: You silly jerks. This is a friz bee.

The Great Pac-Quake [1.03][edit]

Mezmeron: Well, what do you have to say for yourselves?
Clyde: You're gonna be proud of us boss. We found the Power Forest for you!
Mezmeron: Where is it?
Clyde: Tell him Inky! [pulls Inky in front of the line]
Inky: Uh, tell him Pinky. [pulls Pinky in front of the line]
Pinky: Tell him Blinky. [pulls Blinky in front of the line]
Blinky: Uh, uh, I wasn't watching. I thought you guys were watching!
Inky: I wasn't watching. Were you watching?
Pinky: Not me, I thought you were watching.

Inky: [Wearing a baseball glove suit] Hey Clyde, how do you like my new suit? Fits me like a glove, huh?
Clyde: That is a glove Inky!
Inky: Oh, so it is. And here I thought my brains were growing.

Hocus Pocus Pac-Man [1.04][edit]

Pac-Man: Oh no! Pepper's back. If she finds out I lost Pac-Baby, I'm in big trouble.
[Pac-Man's teeth chatters as Chomp-Chomp the dog starts chewing on Pac-Man's foot]
Pac-Man: Don't bother me Chomp-Chomp! I got to find a baby!

Southpaw Packy [1.05][edit]

Sue: I've got to get out of here before I get caught! [runs into Pac-Man's baseball glove]
Pac-Man: You just did! [throws her to Ms. Pepper Pac-Man for the chomp]

Pac-Man: Come on, Ghost face! Put one over me!
Pinky: He'll never hit my cyclone-ball. [winds up, and throws the ball away from the plate]
Sue: Strike one!
Pac-Man: Whaaat?!
Sue: Oh, talking back to the umpire huh? Make that strike two!

Pac-Baby Panic [1.06][edit]

Ms. Pepper Pac-Man: What's up Packy?
Pac-Man: Ahhh! Oh, its only you Pepper.
Pepper: What have you got in the sack, Pac?
Pac-Man: Shh. There super powered power pellet seeds.
Pepper: Super powered power pellet seeds?
Pac-Man: Shh! If Mezmeron and his Ghost Monsters ever found these, they could grow there own super powered power pellet forest.
Pepper: Oh my!

[Pac-Man is chased by the Ghost Monsters into his kitchen, where Ms. Pac is busy washing dishes.]

Ms. Pac: What's the rush, Packy?
Pac-Man: Uh, we've got company for lunch.
Ms. Pac: Oh, but there aren't enough power pellets.
Pac-Man: No problem. They don't wanna eat with us - they just wanna eat us!
Clyde: That's right! And don't bother settin' the table - we're just gonna chomp and run! [Clyde chomps Pac-Man]
Pac-Man: Oh, whoa... I feel dizzy...

Pacula [1.07][edit]

Mezmeron: I don't care if you mess things up again. You've been replaced.
[The flying eyes of the ghosts sobbing]
Mezmeron: Stop your blubbering and get into something dry!

Pacula: I want to chomp your bones!
Blinky: We aint got no phones...I mean bones. Were ghosts! Ghosts aint got no bones!

Trick or Chomp [1.08][edit]

Pac-Man: Uh, trick or treat.
[Morris puts one power pellet in Pac-Man's sack]
Pac-Man: Only one?
Morris: You know your right. [takes the power pellet back] You are a bit old to be trick or treating.

Super Ghosts [1.09][edit]

Clyde: Wait a minute, we don't need no power forest.
Sue: He's right. Now that were Super Ghosts, we don't need to follow Mezmeron's orders.
[Mezmeron hears this on his computer screen]
Mezmeron: Why you muteness little monsters! You better follow my orders or I'll.....
Inky: Aw shut up egghead! Who asked you!

[While chased by the Super Ghosts, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac are separated. Packy plops into a water fountain, and Pepper is caught and held by Super Sue.]
Sue: Well, Ms. Pac-Man, looks like this time I'm the chompor and you're the chompee!
[Sue chomps Pepper, who faints. Packy reacts to seeing his wife getting chomped.]
Pac-Man: Oh yeah? Nobody chomps my Pepper and gets away with it!
[Pac-Man rushes forth.]
Clyde: Nobody but the Super Ghost Monsters!
[Clyde freezes the wet Pac-Man in place with a blast of super cold breath. Inky approaches.]
Inky: Ooh, a pac-sicle!
[Inky grabs Packy's leg and chomps down on it.]

Pepper: [chasing Sue as Super Ms. Pac-Man] Super Sue, I'll catch you!
[Sue screams and Pepper chomps her]

The Pac-Man in the Moon [1.10][edit]

Blinky: Why do I always have to do the dangerous stuff?
Sue: [hugs Blinky] Would you please do it, for little Sue?
Blinky: And if I don't?

[The ghosts are chasing Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man]
Sue: Roses are red.
Clyde: Pac-Man is yella.
Pinky: Lets open wide.
Inky: And chomp on that fella.

Journey to the Center of PacLand [1.11][edit]

Blinky: Please have mercy on me!
Pac-Man: I'll do better than that - I'll have mustard on you! [squirts mustard on Blinky and chomps him]

Mezmeron: Its Pac-Man! Get him!
Pac-Man: Well excussseeeee me! [runs off with the ghosts chasing him]
Clyde: Little Pac-Man had to scram.
Pinky: So he would not get whomped.
Sue: But everywhere that Packy ran.
Inky: The Ghost Monsters chomped and chomped!

Invasion of the Pac-Pups [1.12][edit]

Sir Chomp-A-Lot [1.13][edit]

The Day the Forest Disappeared [1.14][edit]

Neander Pac-Man [1.15][edit]

Backpackin' Packy [1.16][edit]

The Abominable Pac-Man [1.17][edit]

The Bionic Pac-Woman [1.18][edit]

Pepper: Oh gosh, isn't this exiting Packy? Me in the movies!
Pac-Man: I don't know Pepper. There's something about "those guys" I don't like.

Chomp-Out at the O.K. Corral [1.19][edit]

Clyde: Go on Dinky, show that little Pac-Pip squeak who's boss!
Dinky: [to Pac-Baby who is drinking his bottle] OK you! I'm going to chomp your baby bones.
Pac-Baby: Goo goo ga goo. Don't count on it.
[Pac-Baby chomps a sad Dinky]
Pac-Man: Come on lets get out of here! [He and Pepper grab Pac-Baby and run away]
[Dinky crying]
Clyde: Some ghost monster you are!
Sue: [puts a new ghost suit on Dinky] Aw give the kid a chance.
Clyde: Come on fellows. Well make a ghost monster out of Dinky yet.

Once Upon a Chomp [1.20][edit]

The Pac-Love Boat [1.21][edit]

The Great Power-Pellet Robbery [1.22][edit]

A Bad Case of the Chomps [1.23][edit]

Pac-Man: I feel much better!
Pepper: Perhaps you haven't seen the bill.
[Pac-Man passes out sobbing on a gurney where a nurse carts him away]

Goo-Goo at the Zoo [1.24][edit]

Nighty Nightmares [1.25][edit]

The Pac-Mummy [1.26][edit]

Christmas Comes to PacLand [1.27][edit]

[Chasing the Pac-Family]
Clyde: Down the hill...
Inky: ...and after that bum.
Pinky: Look out Pac-Man...
Sue: ...cause here we come!

Pac-Man: [Handing out gifts] Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, Sue.
Clyde: Why, I-I don't know what to say!
Pac-Baby: How about "Thank you"?!
Ghost Monsters: Th-th-th-th-th...Thank you!
Pac-Man: Aww! Don't thank us, thank Santa Claus.
Santa: [Skyward in his sleigh] Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hooo! Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good chomp!


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