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Hello, there... I'm, well, my pen-name on the internet is Claude Joseph Pfeffernüße. I'm very basic at using Wikimedia, so give me some slack... I shall learn soon. My username was picked from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, Kubla Khan. I tried to create the same username on Wikipedia proper, but it was taken so I use Claude Xanadu (notice the period) instead.

Works Contributed[edit]


I've contributed a vast number of quotes to the Absolutely Fabulous article. And a while ago, I added some quotes to the Joni Mitchell article. I only just signed up, so there are others that I may have contributed to, but are only signed with my IP address. I plan on contributing more, and perhaps as I get better create an article or more.


I've also done some contributions at Wikipedia, but of course under my IP address. I shall in the next few days write up a user page for Wikipedia, for the username Claude.Xanadu, and I shall have the information. In the next few days.

Personal Information[edit]


Well, first, I'm in Canada, so my spelling, quotation conventions, etc, by nature come from that root. I'm searching up the Wikimedia standard and attempting to assimilate to it. I normally learn markup by examples, so pardon me if this page gets too flashy. I'm attempting to make it nice. As for what I can bring, for Wikiquote, I myself am a "quoter" as I call it, I memorize tons of quotes just for use as tidbits here and there. Some of these may be used to fill in some gaps. Most of my quotes would come from classical literature, foreign films, and older music.


I'm a Philosophy major at the University of Lethbridge, and quite enjoy it. I speak/write/understand French, English and Spanish. I obviously have many troubles writing about myself, in coherent sentences. But much more can be seen at my blog, if you care to check it out. For the personal, I love classical literature and foreign films. They bring me more satisfaction than bestsellers blockbusters. Well, I really don't know what else to say. Just that I shall make this page better as I get better a using wiki.

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