VeggieTales: Gideon Tuba Warrior

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The story of a tuba-playing cuke.


  • My ice cream is frozen.
  • It's 32 degrees Farenheit.
  •  :[from teaser trailer]The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats.
[cut to everyone jumpin' off the ship] Now everyone on the ship is gonna die!


  • Did you hear something, Jean-Claude?
  • Oh! Hallo, schildren!
  • It was nice to meet you, now go away!
  • Did you hear that, Jean-Claude? That little peekle says we have to leave!
  • Yes, tiny peekle! You are not a mighty dill, you are just a baby gherkin!
  • Ooh! My slushee!


  • Mais oui, Phillipe. I zink someone has bumped our wall.
  • Who are we? I zink we should ask "Who are you?".
  • Yeah. *raspberry*
  • Ha-ha-ha-ha! I'd like to see you try. You could never get over our giant wall, tiny peekle!


[first lines]
Gideon: I made my fortune by depopulating planets and that will grow a mass exodus.
Pumpkin-Headed Kid: Hey! I'm going too fast! I can't see!
Gideon: I planted my complaining seeds on this and their discontent grows.
Other Pumpkin-Headed Children: But...we were...I mean...Gideeeeeeeeeeeeon!
Gideon: Sounds like you all are whining!
Jericho Guard Jean-Claude: What have you done with our friends?
Jericho Guard Phillipe: And the kids?
Gideon: Nothing.