VeggieTales: Moe and the Big Exit

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  • Hi-ho sliver away!
  • By the way, let my vaccums go and hi-ho Sliver away!
  •  :[from theatrical trailer] We should fall back and regroup.
  •  :[cut to stage with a Twippo concert] We were, I mean...hi-ho sliver aaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaay!


  • Get your hands off me, you big lug! I can't wait. Let me go!
  • We called you about the heat.


  • Stop it! Be nice.
  • Hello.

In music video Space Surfin' Superstar[edit]

[sea background, when Moe gets on a surfboard]
Background People: Tilt that curl!
Moe: Well, maybe just one curl.
Background People: Hooray!
[air compressor and Moe's hair dryer both blew a fuse]
Pumpkin-Headed Children: He's here! He's here!
Vaccum: Who? The president? Buzz Aldren? Robert DeNiro? Cavis Appythart?
Pumpkin-Headed Children: Even better. It's the Lone Stranger!