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This page is for requests to usurp accounts that already exist. If you want just to rename your account, please see Wikiquote:Changing username.

  • Check that the username you are requesting already exists. This may be done via the search function at Special:Listusers; if the name appears in the list, even if the link is red, the name is taken. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of the username, as the software does not permit usernames that begin with a lowercase letter.
  • Check the edits of the targeting account. If the account has edits significant enough for which their history should be retained to comply with CC-BY-SA and GFDL, your usurpation request may not be processed. If you think it arguable, go forward.
  • Put your request Wikiquote:Changing username/Usurpation via this link. Fill the blank of the format following, and just save:
=== [[User:Your name|]] --> [[User:Target name|]] === 
*'''Your current user name''': {{user|YOUR NAME}}
*'''Target name''': {{user|THEIR NAME}}
*'''Target was contacted''': On Talk / Both on Talk and by Mail (select one)
  • You have to leave a message to the affected user on their talk page, and if possible, by wiki e-mail too, to give them a chance to challenge. If the affected party disagrees, he or she may object by blanking the message of the notification of request for usurpation, or by objecting explicitly on the talk page or here. In that case, your request may not be fulfilled.
  • In case of usurpation of an impostor or for SUL, indicate that you are requesting for usurpation here on English Wikiquote on your user page at your home wiki and include the link to that page in your request.
  • No usurpation is granted automatically unless the target account has caused only harm with malicious intent to the project or the target account belongs to you. If you are convinced the target was created in bad faith, you are welcome to address your concern, but it is up to the local bureaucrats.
  • If your request for usurpation is not a clear case of impersonation, your request may be fulfilled under one of the following conditions:
  1. the affected party agrees to rename.
  2. the affected party did no significant edits for which their history should be retained to comply with GFDL and at least three weeks pass from your message to the affected party without response.
  • Check back periodically to see whether a bureaucrat has fulfilled your request or whether additional information is required. Do not be surprised if you suddenly cannot log in to your old account; this merely indicates that your request has been fulfilled.