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1917 is a 2019 film about two young British soldiers during the First World War who are given a mission to deliver a message in enemy territory.

Directed by Sam Mendes. Written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns.
Time is the enemy.  (taglines)

Colonel Mackenzie[edit]

  • "There is only one way to this war ends. Last man standing."


Corporal Blake: Sir, the general is sure the enemy have withdrawn. There are aerials of the new line that–
Lieutenant Leslie (exasperated): Shut up, We've fought and died over every inch of this fucking place! Now they suddenly give us miles? It's a trap! [Pause] But chin up, there's a medal in it for sure. Nothing like a scrap of ribbon to cheer up a widow.


  • Time is the enemy.


  • Once I'd had the idea that it was two hours of real time, it seemed like a natural thing to lock the audience together with the central characters in a way that they gradually began to realize, consciously or unconsciously, they couldn't get out of, it operates more like a ticking-clock thriller, in a way, and so to experience every second passing with the men seemed like a great idea.


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