A Stork’s Journey

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A Stork's Journey is a 2017 3D computer-animated adventure film. It was directed by Toby Genkel and Reza Memari.

Their adventure is the destination.(taglines)


  • I can feel it, I can make it to Africa! [flies through the forest] How hard can it be? It's not like crossing an ocean or anything.
  • [to Max] Hey, why are you so gloomy? We're going to Africa!
  • Good morning! Ready, willing and able to migrate! Let's get a move on... [notices Max, Claudius, and Aurora are gone] Mom? Dad? [echoing] MAX?!!
  • Dad never believed in me. Said I'd never make it.
  • What are you doing? [Olga is having lunch] Great, just great, Olga. My family could be right around the corner and you're busy stuffing your beak!
  • Hey, guys? Hey! Listen, you... [gets shocked by electricity] Have.. You... Seen... A... Flock... Of... Storks!? [yells] Ouch! What was that?
  • [to the internet pigeons] Hello? Someone there?! [Olga: So, what's up?] They must have fried their bird brains.


  • I'm Olga, and this is my best friend, Oleg.
  • Eh... You do realize you are not even close to being a stork, right?
  • Just keep quiet, can you? What kind of bird is afraid of flying?
  • [to Richard] You really love them, don't you? Your storks.
  • [last lines] Thanks, Oleg. I couldn't have done it without you.


  • [first sees Richard and Olga] Aww! Look at you! The predator and its prey. Need to get to Gibraltar?
  • My apologies, Kiki La Spree, disco parakeet fantastique! Ambassador to Sparkleville! Distinguished professor of... [Olga: Blabberbeak?] Oh! I couldn't help but overhear your little picking match. But don't despair. I can get you to Gibraltar! I was headed there myself. Isn't that an amazing coincidence?
  • [sobs] I wish I had a dramatic backstory like that. I always dreamed of escaping my dreary surroundings to become a famous disco star!
  • [thinks the plane is a shooting star] Look, a shooting star! Everybody make a wish.
  • I know what to do! [tries to wake Olga up] First aid poster. [tries to wake Olga again but nothing's working] I stared at the thing for years.


[Robert made it home]
Robert: Made it! Come on, cookie, let's do this. [arrives at the nest] Did I miss it? Did I miss it?
Richard's Mom: Don't worry, hon, you're just in time. Aw, and you brought a treat.
Robert: To celebrate our new arrival!
[They both cuddle each other as both started to laugh]
Richard's Mom: Richard, your Dad's here!
Robert: Ha ha, he looks just like I did at that age. [Richard (from inside the egg) begins to move] Yeah, that's my boy.
Richard's Mom: He definitely has your impatience. [the egg is hatching] Looks like he's got your pecking skills too!
Robert: [chuckles] Come on. You can do it! Push, Richard. Push!
[Richard's Mom laugh and gasp in horror]
Richard's Mom: [last words before her death] Robert!
[A weasel growls at them]
Robert: Oh!
[The weasel comes closer to them]
Robert: [last words before his death] You chose the wrong day, buddy!
[The weasel then begins to eat them as the scene cuts to black]

Richard: Who... who are you?
Olga: [flies to Richard] I'm Olga, and this is my best friend, Oleg.
[Oleg is not shown]
Richard: Huh?
Olga: We're pygmy owls!
Richard: Right... Oleg... Um, am I in Africa?
[Olga sees a green firefly and eats it. Richard sees the firefly's wings]
Olga: Want a bite? [squeezes the firefly]
Richard: Eww.
Olga: More for us. [eats the firefly] Hey! Why would you think this is Africa?
Richard: Oh. That's where I'm migrating to with the other storks. At least I thought I was?
Olga: Yeah, I heard him, Oleg. [walks to Richard] Eh... You do realize you are not even close to being a stork, right?
Richard: Ha! Shows what you know. My dad's leader of the flock. [mimics like a stork]
Olga: Sounds like Daddy issues to me.

[Claudius, Aurora, Max and the storks arrived at Africa]
Claudius: Storks! Prepare to land! We can rest here until the heat passes.
[The ducks are at a dry river. Claudius and the storks land on the river bed]
Stork #1: [off-screen] Ahh, what a lovely death gulley!
Claudius: But... there was water here last year! I'm never wrong about these things!
Duck Leader: [off-screen] The riverbed dried up. [on-screen] Humans built another one of their stupid dams. [Claudius groans] I know some other water holes around here. I could show you, if you like.
Claudius: Thank you, sir, but your assistance is not required.
Duck Leader: [gasps] Yeah? Fine. [storms off] Storks!


  • Their adventure is the destination.

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