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Aart Jurriaanse (1907 - 2002) was a South African author on esoteric, spiritual, occult and religious subjects.

The world is passing through a temporary state of chaos in many respects, but also in particular as far as the various churches, their religious dogma and theological doctrines are concerned.
...the Prodigal Son being inspired with that irresistible urge to return to the Father’s home... this Path is long and arduous, and the many obstacles will only be surmounted with the expending of great effort
The whole path of spiritual evolution is therefore a successive range of expansions of consciousness


Churches, theology and dogma[edit]

  • The world is passing through a temporary state of chaos in many respects, but also in particular as far as the various churches, their religious dogma and theological doctrines are concerned. Men, and especially the younger generations, are coming into revolt against the traditional power, authority and domination which some of these institutions have been wielding for centuries. Systems of scientific investigation, analysis, comparison and deduction are taking root in the minds of men, and are being applied to all fields of thought, and therefore also to religion. The result is that men are beginning to question and to reject the traditional authority of these old institutions. There is a gradual awakening of the awareness of the soul and its powers, and combined with a more mental approach this is leading to a disowning and supplanting of the power of the churches.
  • Churchmen...in the ministry of their ecclesiastic duties they have been propagating dogmatic tenets, instead of allowing themselves to be pure channels for expressing the immanent Christ spirit by which they should be controlled. If these preachers could only become men of God in the true sense, rather than churchmen, and allow the immanent God to speak from their soul-infused minds, they would become the true spiritual leaders of the future. These same men would then realize that there is only One Religion and only One Church and that the same God works through the many faiths, the many races and colours of mankind, and the many religious agencies, and that the fullness of the Truth will only be realized through the final synthesis of all these...

The Christ "Supreme Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy"[edit]

  • Most people are well acquainted with the history of Jesus Christ Who was born nearly two thousand years ago in Palestine. There are, however, some aspects of His life that are not so commonly known and which date back to long before the period of His biblical life on Earth. It should be realised that the Entity who made His appearance on Earth two millennia ago... had a long preceding course of development to enable Him to attain such an advanced state of enlightenment. To describe the Christ merely as a Son of God is rather meaningless and inadequate, because we are really all children of God (even though many may not seem to act accordingly).
  • A clear distinction must be drawn between the personality (which includes the physical body) and the soul, the spiritual Self, or the Christ within. The complex being which is known as the personality and consisting of the physical, astral and mental bodies, is that part of man that has evolved over the ages from the lower forms of life; it is the physical aspect which inherits certain characteristics from its parents and previous generations.
  • The Higher Entities who, in the course of ages have been responsible for the guidance of human development, delegated advanced Beings to the Earth from time to time as teachers or prophets, with the special purpose of stimulating the spiritual development of man. Amongst these the name of Buddha should be mentioned, who made His appearance some five hundred years prior to the coming of the Christ and whose teachings had a profound influence on oriental religious concepts.
  • The fundamental message which the Christ brought was that of Love and Goodwill towards our fellow men.
  • Although the Christ in His capacity as Leader of the Hierarchy has been in constant touch with humanity during the past centuries, certain of the Sages have indicated that the time is now rapidly drawing close when He will reappear in a physical body, to walk again with men on Earth. Although we have largely been unconscious of this, humanity has constantly been under His protection and guidance. His help is always at our disposal when sought for altruistic purposes; but many go on their knees in vain when praying for the satisfaction of purely selfish personal desires.
  • This time He will probably not again avail Himself of a physical body born as a child, but will materialize as a mature individual in a body to suit His special requirements. He will be manifested in an environment and the circumstances which will best serve His purposes. He will not come for any specific group or religious order, nor will He conform to any particular past teaching, but will bring a New Order of Love and Goodwill for the upliftment and unification of humanity. And His teachings impelled by His intrinsic power will, through the mass media, be "shouted from the rooftops."
  • It is also prophesied that this time He will not come alone but will be accompanied by Masters and senior disciples who will assist Him with the arduous task of emerging into the midst of humanity. He will indeed need dependable assistance with the many and difficult problems with which He will be faced.
  • During the Christ's sojourn in Palestine, His movements were relatively restricted owing to the limited transport and communication facilities of those times. With His expected return, no matter in what locality or circumstances He may set foot on Earth, He will definitely not come to serve only a single country or group or nation - but He will come as a World Server and for Humanity as a whole.
  • With the modern system of communications, the tidings of His coming will spread like wildfire throughout the world. By means of radio and television, millions will be able to see and hear Him and with the advantages of air and other transport, tens of thousands will be able to gather to see and hear Him.ver-to-be- forgotten day!
  • But what an assignment will be awaiting the Christ! To bring order out of the ruling world chaos; to change the present spirit of greed, selfishness, hate and jealousy of individuals and nations to an attitude of mutual love and goodwill -these will definitely require divine qualities and will of course not be accomplished in a short time. It is to be expected that in the beginning there will be several groups, especially those directly influenced by the 'dark forces' who will refuse to accept Him and will no doubt even actively oppose Him and work to bring about His destruction.
  • On the other hand this will be the opportunity that millions throughout the world have been waiting for. The existing forces of love and goodwill occurring in a diffused and disorganized form all over the world, which so far have largely been dormant and ineffective, will then be rapidly drawn together to form a united body able to utilize this dormant power effectively to guide Humanity to its greater destiny in the New Age.
  • His work will also be alleviated to a considerable extent because He will find groups and individuals in every community and country who will be only too eager to be harnessed in His service on behalf of mankind.
  • How inspiring to visualize this coming event and to embroider on its possibilities! Nobody knows when this day will dawn - but may it be soon! What a wonderful experience it will be for those who are granted the opportunity to witness and to play an active part in the materialization of these beautiful visions!

The Masters[edit]

  • So far humanity has had relatively little conscious contact with the various Masters, who usually function from etheric levels, and therefore from beyond the conscious recognition of man. There are, however, some of these perfected Men who have at times assumed a body of manifestation to enable Them to work more effectively at Their appropriate tasks among the nations of the world. These Entities of Light, although remaining unrecognized with regard to Their true nature and capacities, represent focal centres for the distribution of hierarchical and divine love and wisdom, and are practical outlets for certain aspects of the Plan.
    • Bridges, (1978)
  • Owing to Their close association over the ages with the affairs of men, the names of a few of these Masters have become known, as well as some details about their activities. It should always be remembered, however, that any such description given in human terms must inevitably remain limited, since man cannot really conceive or translate that which is spiritual and sublime, and for the purpose of visualization man involuntarily lowers and reduces the exalted subjective to material terms. But even if the pictured image is somewhat warped and unreal, this may still serve to bring the aspirant mentally, and therefore consciously, another step closer to those who are ever ready to assist the human being on his wearisome path to the mountain top.
    • Bridges, (1978)
  • The names which immediately come to mind are of course those of the Christ and the Buddha, but since separate articles will be devoted to these two Great Ones attention will first of all be given to a couple of Their senior assistants. Of these the three senior Masters, either acting as leaders of the main hierarchical departments or playing important supporting roles, are of primary importance. These three are the Masters Koot Hoomi, senior assistant to the Christ; the Master Morya, assistant to the Lord of Races; and the Master Rakoczi, the Lord of Civilization.
    • Bridges, (1978)
  • The Masters are members of that group of 'Illumined Minds' which is guided by love and understanding, and by deep compassion and inclusiveness towards humanity. They are striving towards a comprehension and translation of the Divine Purpose, and are illumined by knowledge of the Plan; they are also characterized by a readiness to sacrifice their own immediate spiritual progress if thereby they can assist humanity in its upward struggle.
  • One of the major functions of the Masters is to convey the principles of the Plan to their less evolved brothers. The usual technique employed for this purpose is impression. So far the Masters have not taught from public platforms, but have mainly worked on intuitive and mental levels, by telepathically impressing ideas on the minds of their disciples. However, as more of these Masters make their appearance among men, and recognition of their powers and wisdom grows, it is possible that use will also be made of oral teachings, when they might avail themselves of radio and television facilities.

The Master Jesus[edit]

  • The present responsibility of Master Jesus is to raise Western thought life out of the existing morass of uncertainty and fear, where mankind has landed itself through fraud, treachery, cruelty, hate and covetousness, and a constant striving for dominance and power. It will be his task to bring about a change of heart. There are already many who through suffering have come to see that the old way of life cannot lead to peace and happiness, that selfish grasping should make way for selfless giving and service, and that hate and fear should be superseded by loving cooperation, wisdom and compassion.
  • All this is the responsibility of the Master J — and what a task! But there is no doubt that progress is being made, and he hopes to achieve greater success through a new approach from the Christian Churches, paving the way in both Europe and America for the return of the Christ.
  • With regard to that well-known biblical era when the Christ made his fateful appearance in Palestine, man cannot yet understand that when mention is made of Jesus Christ, this refers to two separate entities temporarily functioning as one. Firstly, there was Jesus the disciple and initiate, whose personality was born of Mother Mary, and secondly, there was the Entity whom we know as the Christ and whose spirit temporarily overshadowed and took complete charge of the personality of Jesus, whose soul during that period withdrew from the body and stood aside. With the crucifixion, it was merely the physical body of Jesus that was crucified.
  • It is forecast that the Master Jesus will yet occupy the chair of the Pope of Rome, and that from that seat he will then be able to re-inspire and re-orient the whole field of Christian religion, diverting it from its present political and temporal trends, towards a more spiritual approach.

The Master Koot Hoomi[edit]

  • One of the best known names in esoteric circles is probably that of the Master Koot Hoomi, often abbreviated to the initials KH. He is alleged to appear at times in a physical body in a secluded and quiet little village... hidden away in the Himalayan mountains. This village is also the physical retreat for several other Masters temporarily functioning in the human community. KH is described as a tall and noble man, but not heavily built, fair of complexion, with deep blue eyes, pouring out love and wisdom; His hair and beard are a golden brown. He received His initiate training in a Kashmiri body, but also received a sound Western education at a British university. He is controlled by the Love-Wisdom Ray and, as might consequently be expected, is deeply implicated in vitalizing and proclaiming esoteric teachings. Furthermore He has been presented with the task of stimulating the latent factor of love, lying dormant in almost every human heart, and also to awaken the race of men to the consciousness of their fundamental brotherhood, which must eventually lead them to the One Humanity.
  • KH is one of the senior Masters and, with His qualifications of Love and Wisdom, is being trained as the future successor to the World Teacher for, when the sixth root-race becomes established, the Christ will vacate His present office to proceed with even more advanced work on higher planes. Under the circumstances KH works in close association with the Christ, and has also acquired the right to free entry and consultation in the ëCourts of Shamballa'. Masters of lesser degree are allowed such contact only at stated intervals. One of the special projects on which Master KH is at present engaged, in close collaboration with the Masters Morya and Jesus, is to find a basis for the synthesis of Eastern and Western religious thought, with the objective of eventually developing the One World Religion, which will serve as the common bond for the unification of humanity.
    • Bridges (1978)
  • Master KH also has the task of reorganizing world education and partly because of this function he is already well known in the West, where His pupils and disciples are spread far and wide. During the past several decades KH has, however, been engrossed to such an extent in broader world problems, watching over the destinies of prominent world figures, and the handling of deeper incentives and purposes, that He no longer has the opportunity of personally dictating teachings to His disciples working in more restricted fields of activity, and on subjects which can be transmitted just as efficiently by initiates of lesser degree. A number of His pupils have consequently been transferred to DK and other Masters for further training. Another special mandate for which KH has assumed responsibility is to collaborate with four other Masters towards initiating the steps needed to prepare humanity for the imminent reappearance of the Christ, and the simultaneous externalization of the Hierarchy.
    • Bridges (1978)

The Master Hilarion[edit]

  • The Master Hilarion... is already very well known in the Christian world as Paul of Tarsus or St Paul, the author of a large part of the New Testament. In more modern times he has also been responsible for a small treatise well received in esoteric circles — Light on the Path.
  • Master H assists those endeavouring to develop the intuition, and also those trying to penetrate the etheric web in order to serve their fellow men. He will, however, not be concerned with those purely interested in psychic phenomena for the sake of sensation and its emotional effects. Neither will he help those who seek material or selfish advantage.
  • Master H works with the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science. In physical form he has a Cretan body, although much of his time is also spent in Egypt and America, where several aspects of his work are focused. A Master may avail himself of a physical cloak for particular purposes or ready contact with his disciples, but his influence will certainly not remain limited to the geographic region where he normally operates in his assumed body. Although he works through this visible and tangible channel, he may, whenever required, instantly transfer both his abstract mind and his vehicle of expression, through etheric channels, to function immediately anywhere else in the world where his attention or presence may be needed...
  • Master Hilarion is also responsible for inspiring many of the modern scientific ‘discoveries’ which are making science and mankind aware of the etheric worlds. The veils which for aeons have obscured the vision of many outstanding thinkers and scientists are now at long last rapidly being torn away, thus opening up vast new fields of investigation.

The Master Djwhal Khul (DK)[edit]

  • ...DK, often affectionately referred to by his disciples as "The Tibetan" is one of the ‘youngest’ of the Masters, only having attained his qualifying fifth initiation as recently as 1875. In human reckoning a century is considerably more than an average span of life, but with immortal entities, no longer limited by transitory material conditions, man’s concept of time falls away, and the accent is merely placed on the sequence of events and their relative importance in the unfoldment of the Plan.
  • His activities are... closely concerned with human unfoldment in general, and more particularly with a number of disciples at present in incarnation. There must obviously be many other hard-working Masters, but whose interests are focused in other directions, and whose functions consequently do not immediately strike human attention.
  • At the time of his fifth initiation he was a Tibetan abbot, which is the form he still assumes whenever there is occasion for his physical manifestation.
  • DK functions on the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom — the teaching Ray... One of the Tibetan’s first major tasks as a teacher of humanity was to inspire and guide Mme H.P. Blavatsky, nearly a century ago, with the writing of that outstanding esoteric work, The Secret Doctrine, which subsequently formed the basis of the Theosophic Movement.
  • In 1919 he approached Alice A. Bailey (AAB) and persuaded her to act as his amanuensis, for releasing to the world a later phase of his teachings. In the course of the following 30 years she put to paper, from his telepathic dictation, 18 volumes, containing nearly 10,000 pages of text.
  • Blavatsky’s work (1875-90) may be regarded as the first phase of DK’s teachings, and the Bailey Books (1919-49) as the second phase.
  • He is also deeply interested in practical healing and, unknown and unseen, he will often stand behind doctors, surgeons and dedicated men of research in their laboratories, impressing their minds with new ideas and clearer vision, or guiding their hands with the skillful handling of the scalpel.
  • He is also concerned with world-wide philanthropic movements, such as the Red Cross and other welfare groups caring for the needy. He thus supports all those who seek to heal, to relieve pain and suffering, and also those who work towards goodwill and improved human relationships.

Medical Science and Healing[edit]

  • In one most important aspect medical science has so far unconsciously been badly handicapped. It has remained unaware of the existence of the etheric body, which forms the intangible framework on which the physical body is constructed, and which therefore plays an important role in the maintenance of its health. No wonder that physicians, notwithstanding their extensive knowledge of the physical aspects, have in the past so often been sorely puzzled by inexplicable features of diseases, and by the unaccountable reactions of their patients who for no explainable reasons might show either improvement or deterioration. Little did they realize that the real underlying cause for many complaints was to be found in the inharmonious condition of the etheric vehicle.
  • With the existence of the etheric body now becoming an accepted fact, medicine is standing on the verge of a totally new approach to disease and its treatment.
  • It must be recognized that this electrical surround not only serves as the conductor of all incoming energies from external sources but also acts as the channel for the distribution of the forces which have been generated and transmuted within the personality complex, and are being radiated to the environment.
  • Future medical science will therefore be largely concentrated on a study and better understanding of the etheric body, and even more particularly of the etheric centres which it contains.
  • There is a close relationship between the etheric centres and the endocrine system. The result is that the endocrinologist, when he becomes aware of the relation between the etheric vehicle, the endocrine system and the blood stream, will also obtain a much clearer insight into many of his inexplicable problems of the past.
  • Disease denotes an imbalance in the combined functions of the human system. With the exception of systemic disorders caused by wars and accidents, or by virulent epidemics, whose origins are of a planetary nature and have been induced by defaults of humanity as a whole, all physical disturbances must first be sought in adverse influences emanating from the etheric centres. These vital focal points of energy influence the activity of the ‘nadis’, those minute links between the subjective and the material underlying the nervous system, which in turn affect the endocrine glands and the blood stream, all jointly regulating man’s condition of health.
  • One of the principal healing techniques of the future will require that the healer should learn how to direct chosen energies towards specific objectives.


  • Because man is incomplete within himself, only forming a small fragment of a greater whole, there is always a conscious or unconscious urge within him to seek closer co-ordination and union with that which is greater, but which as yet only assumes a vague and undefined form. This attraction is the driving force inciting him to seek the centre of his being, and which leads him on to the Path of Return to the All-Self. It is merely the Prodigal Son being inspired with that irresistible urge to return to the Father’s home; but this Path is long and arduous, and the many obstacles will only be surmounted with the expending of great effort and after brave and persistent struggling for every step that is advanced. The surest way of overcoming these subjective obstacles is by means of meditation.
  • This contact of mind and brain with the soul may be achieved by suitable techniques of meditation, but may also be brought about by living a life of inner mental reflection, by disciplining the lower nature, by expressing goodwill and self-forgetfulness, and by rendering dedicated service to fellow human beings.
  • Actually, meditation forms the foundation for all spiritual growth. By dint of certain techniques and strenuous and persistent invocative efforts of concentration, the aspirant learns to become aware of his real inner Self; he learns consciously to interpret the wishes evoked by the Soul, and to carry out its plans
  • The steps to be followed by the aspiring meditator are firstly to practise certain physical disciplines and to purify his system. The second step will be to obtain reasonable control over the emotions, and thirdly he should aim at some measure of control over the wild horses of the mind.

Spiritual development[edit]

  • The evolutionary urge of the human being, that irresistible impulse to push forward along the Lighted Way "from darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality", is a divine attribute inherent in all created forms and for which the human mind can give no satisfactory explanation.
  • The whole path of spiritual evolution is therefore a successive range of expansions of consciousness, of recognitions and succeeding revelations, until the world of matter and form stand revealed in the light of the soul, and illumination is achieved. The disciple then gradually establishes his conscious life in the subjective world, the world of reality; his sense of values becomes radically changed and his time and capacities are devoted to higher objectives.

Evolution of humanity began over 18 million years ago[edit]

  • The Ageless Wisdom teachings postulate that it is not less than 18.5 million years since the individualization of animal-man. The following article is a brief summary of some of the most significant developments in his evolution.
  • About 21 million years ago, animal-man made his appearance on the world scene, as a separate species in the animal kingdom. These specimens were as yet mindless, and thus should still be regarded as animals, but with the physical build and appearance of primitive human beings.
  • After a further lapse of 1.5 million years, or about 17 million years ago, it was decided that more effective results would be obtained if representatives of the Brotherhood were to function in dense material bodies on the physical plane, thus enabling them to serve as practical guides and leaders of the evolving race. The first outpost of the fraternity was established at a place then known as Ibez, located somewhere in the central regions of South America. Aeons later, remnants of this original culture were still traceable in the ancient Maya institutions. A second branch became rooted in Asia, giving rise to, among others, the appearance and work of the Himalayan and Southern Indian adepts.
  • Historically, the original race of men became known as Lemurians, named after their country Lemuria, situated somewhere in the region now occupied by the Pacific Ocean... After a protracted period of some 3 million years of slow development, the greater part of Lemuria was destroyed by volcanic action and disappeared below the seas... Some remnants of the race escaped, however, to become the founders of the future Atlantean race, which originated about 12 million years ago... [in] a region now mostly covered by the Atlantic ocean, and stretching far out from the Americas towards Europe and North Africa...
  • In those early days of Lemuria and Atlantis, the primitive masses were led by their priest kings, assisted by Adepts, initiates and disciples, the direct descendants of the former White Brotherhood, who still formed the only real source of intelligent and spiritual guidance.
  • The Hierarchy finally came to the decision to withdraw its representatives to etheric levels. As happened previously with Lemuria, the destruction of Atlantis, including most of its population, occurred by cataclysmic convulsions of the earth's crust, and the subsequent submergence of the greater part of the continent.
  • It is this submergence of Atlantis which gave rise to the symbolic biblical chronicle about the Deluge and Noah's Ark.


  • As a rule the concept of education is associated with children or young people, and although the accent should primarily lie in this quarter, because of the need of preparing them for life’s experiences, the wise man will recognize that his education can never be regarded as fully completed. The deeper truths of life can in fact only be learned after reaching maturity, and after gaining some measure of life experience based on earlier education. The endeavour should therefore be made to keep the mind viable and keen, even though over the years a certain amount of deterioration in the physical vehicle might become noticeable. Therefore, how fortunate the man who manages to keep on experiencing his consciousness right to the end of his present spell in the material body, and who can then pass over to the spiritual worlds with full retention of consciousness.
  • One of the first educational objectives should be to eliminate the competitive spirit and its substitution with a spirit of loving cooperation. Competition is definitely not a sine qua non for reaching high levels of attainment. What is needed is to surround the child with an atmosphere which will foster a sense of responsibility and which will set him free from the inhibitions generated by a perpetual sense of fear of life, and which then becomes the stimulus for competition. These qualities of responsibility and goodwill will be encouraged by stressing a new approach in the child’s education:
  • Education therefore consists in the training of youth to enable them to deal intelligently and sanely with their environment and the circumstances of life which they are bound to encounter, and to be able to adapt themselves to the unexpected. It should equip them to play the role of worthwhile citizens, not only in their own community, but also as subjects of their nation, and as members of the greater human family.
Increased light, leading to illumination, is the inevitable result of all true esoteric activity
  • The main causes of disharmony are based on selfishness, possessiveness, intolerance, separativeness and the lack of love... The main underlying principle [of goodwill and right human relations] is that man should be taught to relinquish the purely selfish attitude, and to develop the altruistic outlook, which is a soul quality, and therefore lies dormant in each and every man, and only needs awakening.

The nature of esotericism[edit]

  • In its essence, esotericism is the art of consciously recognizing that all existence, manifested in its myriad variations of form and quality, is fundamentally based on energy. Not only are all forms of creation composed of energy, but every form of activity also arises from streams of energy activated by that all-encompassing law of nature the Law of Cause and Effect. The function of the esotericist is to take cognisance of these energies and, as far as his mental and spiritual evolution allows, to learn how these energies may best be guided and controlled to the maximum advantage of humanity,
  • Increased light, leading to illumination, is the inevitable result of all true esoteric activity, and under the guidance of the soul, this in turn intensifies the inherent light of all substance brought under the influence of the work. The soul-infused and dedicated esoteric student may therefore continue on his chosen way with confidence, and with the knowledge that as he proceeds, overcoming all obstacles on his ascending path, this path will be irradiated by ever brighter light. And as each disciple, through his own efforts, is endowed with greater light, it will become part of his responsibility to develop into a light-bearer in his own right, dispersing this light amongst his fellow men who, although still largely unknowingly, are yearning for this light to brighten the darkness by which they are surrounded.

Life After Death[edit]

  • For the aspirant who has discovered the Path of Return and has become aware of the light ahead, leading him from revelation to revelation and ever brighter light, for him death is but a release from physical restrictions, and an opportunity for more effective service and expression. He will discover that, while still in the physical body, he had already initiated during his hours of sleep a field of service activities which he can now extend by giving it his undivided attention. One of the great advantages of rapidly spreading esoteric knowledge is that the general public is becoming aware of the fact of the continuity of soul life, and of the retention of consciousness after death; they are realizing that there is no cause to fear death, a feeling which in the past was merely founded on ignorance and a dread of the unfamiliar and unknown.

The Concept of Rebirth (reincarnation)[edit]

  • For esoteric students the concept of rebirth is not an abstract belief based on theory and thus open to debate. For them it is a well-established concept which has been part of the Ancient Wisdom teaching for thousands of years, and has subsequently been verified over and over again in daily life. The principle is primarily based on the duality of man.
  • Once the student has accepted the premise of the immortality of the human soul, then logic, when unobstructed by dogma, will compel him to the conclusion that reincarnation is inevitable. If the composition of humanity is considered, with its races and nations, with their variety of colour and language, their physical, emotional and mental characteristics, and if in addition it is considered that there are as many characters as individuals, then some idea of its complexity can be formed.
  • If man were granted only one life on Earth, only a single opportunity to either succeed or fail, with... individuals so unequally equipped for life’s challenges and struggles, how could such a state of affairs possibly be justified and regarded as equitable? How could one possibly believe in a God of love apparently favouring one with every conceivable advantage in life, and another nothing, no intelligence, no worldly goods, no opportunities, and no spiritual consciousness? How could two such divergent individuals be brought before the Seat of Justice and be judged on the same terms? No, impossible! No Loving Father would ever countenance such anomalies, when providing only one opportunity for redemption.
  • Fortunately for man, we do have a loving Father, on whose wisdom and justice we can depend. The shortcoming lies with man himself who can neither understand nor interpret that with which he is surrounded. He can only distinguish one small facet of the Truth and of a most involved system, and therefore bases his judgement on totally inadequate evidence. But where then has man failed in his reasoning? The answer and crux of the whole problem lies in the misleading and erroneous assumption that the evolution and redemption of the human soul must be completed in a single spell of life on Earth.

Fear of Death[edit]

  • There is no 'death'; it is only a question of passing from one level of awareness to another, from physical consciousness to spiritual consciousness. If man could only come to this realization then all fears would vanish. 'Death' is not something to be feared, but on the contrary, in many respects, it is a phase to be welcomed what a wonderful thought for the older person who has been through life's treadmill and experienced its weal and woe, that he can shed the dense physical prison with all its aches and pains and fears, that he can exchange physical life with all its worries, doubts, disappointments and mental strain, for a spell of life in a spiritual body that will no longer tire and be subject to all the earthly troubles.
Those passing on should never be pitied, nor should death be feared -- rejoice rather on their behalf because, for a while, they have been liberated from physical fetters and limitations.


  • The burial of millions of...infected corpses has contaminated large parts of the Earth's surface. By far the most effective, hygienic, and also the 'neatest' way of disposing of these physical remains is by cremation.... What is important is that cremation is increasingly gaining ground over other practices, and this may in future at least contribute towards purifying the soil, and reducing sources of infection.

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