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  • examined the concept, was not found to be sufficiently well-defined to be a workable basic unit of meaning.
  • It leaves me wanting to rejoice – isn’t language wonderful, that we can do all these different things with.
  • I often think, if people put as much effort into the training data as the algorithms, our systems would perform much better.
  • It's like the discussion because in both cases we dream of a 'true message' that, in the case, we generate from, and in the normalisation and analysis cases, we normalise/analyse to. Of course the 'true message' is a fantasy, and what we think it should be will depend on our particular goals in our particular context.

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  • his contributions to lexicography, mainly in the form of Sketch Engine and its associated corpora, are immeasurable. Dictionaries now and far into the future are better for the work he has done.

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  • Britain is no longer a country for and says to its Prince of Linguists, Adam Kilgarriff