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The following is a list of quotes from the ninth and final season of Adventure Time.

Orb [9.01][edit]


Skyhooks [9.02][edit]

Bubblegum: I'm connected to all candy throughout all the galaxies. Once you're candy, you'll be part of me, too!

Lemonpink: [squeezing his juices] I used to have a lot of fear and sadness, but now I'M FI-I-I-I-INE!!!

[Finn rides on Jake as they walk along a pinker, radically different version of Ooo]
Finn: Does everything seem... pinker to you?
Jake: Home always looks different after a long trip. You're seeing it with fresh eyes and newfound wisdom. And sometimes there's also a new strip mall or something. So everything being pink is probably not a big deal, and also, I'm tired. [BMO comes out of Finn's backpack]
BMO: I like the pink. Why you worry so much, worry baby?
Jake: Ha, ha, yeah! Why you worry so much, worry baby?
BMO: Don't worry, Finn. We're only teasing you because you're a baby.

Bespoken For [9.03][edit]

[Betty, unable to make Ice King remember, is sulking in Magic Man's basement]
Betty: I've tried everything I can think of to make Simon remember. Is there something I'm missing? [kneels down to Tiny Manticore] What am I doing wrong?
Tiny Manticore: Maybe you're going after someone who doesn't exist anymore. Why not take him as he is? After all, you've been through a lot of changes yourself.
Betty: You're making a lot of sense, Tiny Manticore. We're like two shadows, two ghosts caught in limbo.
Tiny Manticore: It sounds depressing when you say it that way. Think of a different way to say it.

Winter Light [9.04][edit]

Cloudy [9.05][edit]

Jake: [giving Finn a haircut] Mr. Mertens, I know I'm just a humble scissors jockey, but you've been coming in my shop for almost 20 years. I can tell when you got something on your mind. [Finn sighs, Jake combs and cuts his hair]
Finn: I think... I think what's bugging me is... [zoom in on Jake]
Jake: [thinking out loud] "The haircut therapy is working!"
Finn: ..All this elemental stuff happened because I acted selfishly.
Jake: Oh, yeah?
Finn: It's like I'm employee of the month at an ice cream store, and I get someone to cover my shift, and when I come back, the place is burned to the ground and everyone I love is doomed. And now we're up here and we can't do anything to help. Did I secretly want that to happen? Like, deep down inside, was I afraid Fern would be better than me? And my lizard brain put out bad vibes? I guess the worst part of all is... [Jake removes suit off Finn]
Jake: All right, you're all done, Mr. Mertens. How's it look?
Finn: Jake! I was talking about important stuff!
Jake: Sorry, I always get caught up in the haircut.

Slime Central [9.06][edit]

Happy Warrior [9.07][edit]

Hero Heart [9.08][edit]

Skyhooks II [9.09][edit]

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