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Aidan Comerford (born September 10, 1976, in Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland) is an Irish comedian and author.

  • Really? You would never once in your life mistake a mannish woman for a transsexual? Ann Coulter - right wing pundit - has what looks like an Adam's Apple. Would you be comfortable in a dressing room with her?
  • Media people, please don't have bigots on your shows. Thinking you can "beat" these people by debate is the definition of white, Christian, cis privilege.
  • I just don't know why @Glinner (Graham Linehan) has chosen opposition to transsexual activism as his hill to die on? He says it's all about protecting women. Really?
    • Tweet (September 17, 2018)
  • I believe that being homosexual is innate. It is the brain telling person that they are attracted to the same sex. I believe that being transgender is innate. It is the brain telling the person that they are the opposite sex.
  • Sex is absolutely scientific. Certainly no-one can change sex. However, there are transgender people, millions of them, throughout the world, in every culture, just like homosexuality. That can only be explained as something that is innate to being human.
  • For years, Graham Linehan had one story in a letter he got about a trans woman slapping her lesbian friend because her lesbian friend said she'd never sleep with a trans woman, which isn't coercion... Take another minority. If an immigrant slapped you because you said you'd never sleep with immigrants that isn't that immigrant trying to make you sleep with immigrants, that's an immigrant slapping you because you're being racist. Not coercion.
    • Tweet (February 24, 2021)
  • You weren't "minding your own business." You were vehemently opposed to marriage equality, and when you lost that fight, you turned on trans people, who were actually minding their own business up until then. "The trans movement," today, is simply people defending themselves.
  • Someone encouraging LGBT+ kids to cut contact with abusive, bigoted parents is not evidence strong enough to say that someone is "a clear nonce" online.
  • Why a few gay people object to other gay people using the word queer is not because of some childhood trauma related to it being used as a slur, it's because the word queer is an umbrella term that includes trans people, and the objectors are TRANSPHOBES who don't want that.
  • People who say "don't call me cis" only do so because they don't believe in the validity of trans people. Couldn't be clearer. Don't ever accept "of course I love and support trans people" from anyone who says "don't call me cis" again.
  • Hi JK Rowling. Italy intends to remove the name of lesbians from their children's birth certs. Your ally Kellie-Jay Keen supports the move. Last year, you said innumerable gay people, "especially lesbians," were "under attack." Are you going to stand up for them now?
  • We built up a wall of love around gay people. We have to do the same with trans people. We exile the sick (not buying their stuff, cancelling gigs etc.) until they are well enough to rejoin civil society, get on with their own lives, and leave trans people alone to live theirs.
    • Tweet (September 4, 2023)



All the women wanted me
When I was 23,
They really wanted me
to be their friend
I say, "hey do you fancy watching the movie Dirty Dancing?"
And, if they said no (sorry)
When they said no,
I'd just watch it by myself instead.
He walks in like
"Sir I'm gonna dance with your daughter
Nobody puts baby in a corner"
And I let out a great big manly cheer

Cos I'm a man with the heart of a lady
My favourite song is Papa Don't Preach
Yes I'm keeping my baby
I'm a woman, but I love my manly parts.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a transsexual.
I'm just a man with a lady heart.

In a cubicle at a funeral
I was sitting down to wee
Then I start crying
Not because I was said for the person who died,
I was just
Remembering the end of Toy Story 3
I know you think I've got a head
I've got an eyes a nose and two ears
But don' be fooled, this is not a head
it is a resevoir of tears

I am a man with the heart of a lady
I know every word of Chris De Burgh's
Lady In Red, yeah.
"Lady in red, is dancing with me...

What can I say? It's so hard to explain
if I was gay I just say "Hey I'm gay and I'm proud"
But what I am is a man with a little bit of woman in him
Who also likes it the other way around.
That doesn't really make for a snappy acronym,
It would be a tongue-dislocating noun,
So maybe I just say
Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Aidan Strangeman
and tonight I'm coming out

As a man with the heart of a lady
I can be strong yet soft and supportive
like a really good bra, yeah.
When I was 23 I met someone and we fitted perfectly
See the thing is she's a bisexual
So I give her everything she needs.

Cos I'm a man with the heart of heart of a lady
JUst cos I sit down when I wee
No that doesn't mean
I don't drive my wife crazy
I'm still a man, she's a woman
like every wife and husband
sometimes we seriously disagree
Like the other night she wanted to watch the Notebook
and I said "No!"
We're gonna watch
Love Actually

Man, I feel like a woman.

  • 'Horsey' (2015)[1]



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